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Found 8 results

  1. Anyone ever see a drum track for this song anywhere? Can't find it on this site. It sounds like it would be amazing to play.
  2. Do you like Blink-182? Do you like All Time Low? Do you like both? Allow me to introduce you to Simple Creatures! They're a pop duo featuring Mark Hoppus and Alex Gaskarth. Indulge in all your "trash-pop" needs with this 12-song pack featuring all of their songs! (At the time of writing this). Hope you all enjoy the songs! NOTE: All songs previously on the database has been updated with full custom venues and general fixes. STRANGE LOVE (2019) EVERYTHING OPPOSITE (2019)
  3. Recently got into this band and though some songs have found their way onto the database, I think some of their songs would be fun to play. If I were to pick one song, it would probably be one of their most popular tracks 'Radio', but here's a list of songs I would love to see. The songs in bold are my top picks '97CringeNose Over TailRadioYou Got So Far To GoFuck You AuroraPrivate EyeThis Could Be LoveWe've Had EnoughEvery Thug Needs a LadyThis AddictionJaked On Green BeersI Held Her In My ArmsShe Lied to the FBII Wanna Be A WarholKiss You To DeathIs This Thing Cursed?Blackbird
  4. I have a few songs from Blink-182 and Tom/Mark/Travis's other bands to request. Blink-182 Toast and Bananas (Buddha, 1995)Not Now (Untitled, 2003)Wishing Well (Neighborhoods, 2011)Kaleidoscope (Neighborhoods, 2011)MH 4.18.2011 (Neighborhoods, 2011)When I Was Young (Dogs Eating Dogs EP, 2012)Disaster (Dogs Eating Dogs EP, 2012)Boxing Day (Dogs Eating Dogs EP, 2012)Pretty Little Girl (Dogs Eating Dogs EP, 2012)Misery (California DLX, 2017)Hey I'm Sorry (California DLX, 2017)Wildfire (California DLX, 2017)6/8 (California DLX, 2017)Bored to Death (Acoustic) (California DLX, 2017)Angels and Airwa
  5. There are plenty of bangers on there. Just wondering if anyone's interested in charting them.
  6. The main two I'm looking for are "snake charmer" and "even if she falls" from the album Neighborhoods. Can't find them on this site anywhere and they sound like they have a great drum track. Thanks guys!
  7. The album got leaked yesterday, and is set to release tomorrow. Its got some really solid tracks, some of which are some of the best Blink has released ever (in my opinion). Blink-182 California (Deluxe Edition) Parking Lot Misery Good Old Days Don't Mean Anything Hey I'm Sorry Last Train Home Wildfire 6/8 Long Lost Feeling Bottom of the Ocean Can't Get You More Pregnant (Joke song. If we can get Built This Pool, we can get this) Bored To Death (Acoustic)Much appreciated.
  8. I always thought that Blink-182's California album has been overlooked by this forum. I wish more songs from that album would get the full band treatment. Seeing new Blink-182 in RB would be awesome.
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