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Found 18 results

  1. 6/15 Mr. Bungle - Squeeze Me Macaroni Overdrive, expert only. Pro drums = yes Song charted by Blitzbob (for Drum Project 4), it was pretty much ready-to-use for RB3 (I didn't even have to open Reaper !). Frank Zappa - Apostrophe Expert only, no overdrive. Pro drums = yes Charted by Narutostarwars123456 (for Drum Project 5) Vadrum - Ringtone Medley Expert + CAT EMH, no overdrive. Pro drums = yes Charted by 1Upbassist for Drum Project 4. Vadrum - Infernal Gallop I final
  2. Inspired by the various other band-centered projects that other users have started, I decided to embark on my own journey through a band's discography. Why Radiohead? My thought process was essentially this: "well, Radiohead is pretty much my favorite band, and they're also probably the biggest currently-active band in the world right now, so... I guess my choice should be pretty obvious." (I mean, Modest Mouse was close. Maybe I'll do them later...) Okay, that's enough fluff. Radiohead is a band that has received huge amounts acclaim throughout their 20+ year career. Their debut, while cont
  3. Hi. These are my customs. My selection of customs include a variety of Alternative, Rock, Punk, and video game music. I aim for full band customs when I can, especially true for my newer customs. I have a Wii, so I offer Wii downloads and test those versions extensively. My releases, with newest on top. ______________________________________________________________________________________ September 29, 2020 Event Battle Vellumental Battle May 5, 2020 Theme of ZERO (from Mega Man X) Departure Gravity Trail on Powdery Snow Max Heat June 17, 2018
  4. Im really surprised theres not more KOL customs on here. Their album Walls has so many amazing songs that I feel like would be fun to play. These are some of the ones on there that Id love to see on Rock Band if anyone has the time to get it done it would be greatly appreciated!! Kings of Leon: -Around the World -Reverend -Find Me -Over -Eyes on You -Conversation Piece -Wild
  5. Another amazing live band with high energetic songs that I think would be fun to play. Surprised theres only one song in the database for them! These are just a couple requests: - 7 - Kathleen - Pacifier - Business - Twice - Soundcheck - Glasgow (Acoustic)
  6. Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum and to this community. I love this place and what everyone does here. I was listening to the song Lotus by Cage the Elephant earlier in my shower and I thought to myself, "man, this would be great fun to play on Rock Band". So here I am, formally requesting it! If anyone could make it, I'd love you forever! Check out the song here. The bass, in particular, is super rad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SMsnsOU0as Thanks! Fiasco
  7. Back from the previous gorillaz pack from me and Battlepenguin's collab, I present- GORILLAZ PACK 03 !!! I've had these songs on my laptop for a couple of months. Never got to releasing them. Yes yes, I know the songs are some unpopular/shorter ones, but hey, I like them, so I made them! It is also not as large are the other pack me and battlepenguin did, but I mean many rock band packs are only 3 songs (The first gorillaz pack was 3 songs anyways) Tracklist and download: All of these tracks are Full Band. I cannot recall if there are practice sessions added or not. Battlepenguin
  8. Song Requests for today: Roadrunner by The Modern Lovers (1976) Outdoor Miner by Wire (1978) The Eton Rifles by The Jam (1979) Reuters by Wire (1977) Down in the Tube Station at Midnight by The Jam (1978) Love is a Drug by Roxy Music (1975) Virginia Plain by Roxy Music (1972) Cum On Feel the Noize by Slade (1973) Mama Weer All Crazee Now by Slade (1972)
  9. So I noticed that ALMOST the entirety of the first album is up, but the following songs are missing: "Oh, George" "Wattershed" Is there any reason for this, and if not, would anyone be willing to do these 2 tracks to finish up the album? (And possibly add "Winnebago"? I know it's a b-side from the era, but that song kills....)
  10. So I absolutely love this band, and was thrilled that "Whirring" was here to play (it's one of my favorite songs by them). I was wondering if anyone could do the following 3 songs from their follow-up album, Wolf's Law.... "Bats" "Maw Maw Song" "The Leopard and the Lung" Anyone who played "Whirring" knows that their stuff can be pretty epic and a bit difficult on the wrist; indeed, "Maw Maw Song" has a pretty crazy solo. These are probably my 3 favorite songs on the album, so it'd make for a nice little pack
  11. Fig

    Arcade Fire

    A lot of great Arcade Fire songs are out there that would definitely fit well into RB3, a few that come to mind in particular are: Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) (THIS ONE IN PARTICULAR) Wake Up No Cars Go and certainly many more. If anyone agrees be sure to +1!
  12. Kylr0y


    OK so I could swear i Have had this song before but i can find it absolutely no where! PLEEEAAASSSE Dear God could somebody Please author the CURE song "Pictures of You" possibly one of the long live versions in their early years! it would be one of the coolest customs songs ever authored, I Dare anybody to do this song, and I apologise if it is a Rb dlc or in a Rb game, i ask that you not create a registered song. I would give up my first born child, if I had one IF someone would be so kind as to author this song!!! again i really thought i had this song already but i cant find it
  13. Hello. In this thread I will post all the customs that I've charted, starting with Isolation by Alter Bridge! Always wanted to see this one make it to one of these games, so glad I could make it happen. Big shoutout to Onyxite for charting Harmonies! http://www.mediafire.com/download/9rmw6xqm91v9aca/isolationfinal Picture says that it has multitracks even though it doesn't, sorry about that. Also no lower difficulties or 1x version yet, but if there's a demand for it I'll just remove the 2 triple kicks and upload as a new version. I think this one is pretty awesome to play either way,
  14. They call me Mr. Knowitall... Hey there! I've been willing to complete a full album from Primus for a while now. The thing is, I know I won't commit to it if I don't write about it somewhere. I picked Sailing the Seas of Cheese first, and started authoring a few things here and there. Hopefully some people could participate to this project and help me with vocals/guitar/bass/playtesting/whatever you want. I will probably tackle the tempo mapping and the drum parts in priority but a bit of reviewing for my charts wouldn't hurt. I won't re-chart what has already been done, but I will contac
  15. Hello everyone! First off I wanted to request more Janis Joplin if anyone with the talent is willing to supply the time and effort. Any song of her's will do (minus the official in-game dlc obviously) as I adore her thoroughly. Also, if you could find the time the song "Tangled Up In You" by Staind is very special to my wife and I. It would be amazing to be able to play that together (yes, I'm a sap). lol Here is a link to "Tangled Up In You" on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icb2baV9MgA Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read my request.
  16. There are some alternative/indie rock songs that would make a great additions (lots of great keyboard parts too). Is anyone else a fan of recent alternative rock? I want to learn to contribute soon too. I just found out about customs and I'm trying to catch up. I have a musical background (keyboard, guitar, drums, bass) and have played in bands that play rock, jazz, metal, and prog. I am also familiar with recording softwares like reaper. The only thing that holds me back right now is I'm working on my master's degree and sometimes I get busy with school work. I'm gonna start working on this
  17. Hey, it would be appreciated if anyone can chart a song by Tonight Alive. They're a great band from Australia and have have lots of great songs. They even made a song for Amazing Spider-Man 2 and covered the song Little lion man by mumford and sons. Some notable songs: Safe and sound Listening The Fire Fake it Dont wish Lonely girl Say please Let it land To die for In the first place
  18. Coldplay's newest hit, Adventure of a Lifetime, is an amazing and fun song, and would be perfect in Rock Band.
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