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Found 3 results

  1. Basically, I run Rock Band 3 from a USB Loader and an ISO - I would use the disc directly, but my console always shoots out an error upon loading it. However, this has caused me to consider the idea of directly modifying the ISO to add/change album art for songs that either don't have them (Radar Love, I Got You) or songs that have inaccurate art (Whip It, Outer Space). However, I've been unable to access the contents of the ARK files within the Wii ISO, even after using ARKTool and ArchiveExplorer, and am at a point where I'm unsure if what I'm attempting is even possible. Is there a way to m
  2. I normally get my thumbnails for albums (since Im a completionist) on Spotify. I just search artist album name then Spotify, & youll get pretty high res album art for that artist/album. I know for in game music, Id just try to find the cover they used like for something like Queen Bohemian Rhapsody or Yes Fragile Id try to match the art close or look for the actual art.
  3. I don't know if this is a dumb question or not, but how would I change the album art of an existing dlc or custom song? I want the art to match because it bothers me when the album art doesn't match between songs, I figured out how to change song name, album title, & artists info through C3 Tools, but doesn't seem there's a c3 tool for what i'm looking to do. I may just be overlooking the obvious just very unsure haha.
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