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Found 7 results

  1. MRBURPER'S Customs! Thank-you and welcome to my customs thread! All of my customs will be posted here and in the database as well. I do my best to make my customs as good as they can be, so you can at the least you can expect legacy instruments, drum animations. however I will chart all the instruments to a song if I can (including harmonies). You're welcome to point out chart errors, song requests and the like. I also have a WIP thread that you can check-out which will give you an idea of what songs I'm working on (although that thread doesn't get updated very often).
  2. Hey guys this is my thread where i'll keep you updated on future songs to be released by me! *Note - [stage; Done]* Singles: Swans - Screen Shot Tool - Sweat Tool - Part of Me Slint - Rhoda [charting; G,D] Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells Pt.1 [tempo mapping] Electric Wizard - Funeralopolis [tempo mapping] Electric Wizard - We Hate You Totorro - Chevlier Bulltoe [charting; D] Bo Burham - Repeat Stuff [-] The Barenaked Ladies - Brian Wilson (Live) The Flaming Lips - I Found This Star On the Ground The Flaming Lips - 7 Skies H3 Robbie Robertson - Somewhere Down the Crazy River The Shaggs - Phi
  3. This will be the place to organize and coordinate collaboration for the Yes discography. Please post if you have any songs in progress and what parts you need help with. I've listed everything available in the database so if I've missed anything let me know. Stay tuned...... 1969 Yes Beyond and Before (DRUMS only)I See You - SyncedEvery Little ThingLooking Around - SyncedSweetnessSurvival - (DRUMS only)Something's Coming 1970 Time and a Word No Opportunity Necessary... Everydays Then (DRUMS only) Astral Traveler Time and a Word 1971 The Yes Album Yours Is No Disgrace Starship Trooper
  4. Personally i Love the 70s yes - big fan of progressive rock , best if it comes with great harmonies But i didn't take 80s yes as a dissapointment - I also love great hooks and as i said HARMONIES! (90125 is brilliant in these aspects) But for me.. the combination of these decades of yes (progressive songs , and great chorus while mantaining superb harmonies) can be found on The Ladder! Amazing album (also big fan of Magnification , but prefer keys in a Yes album) I truly do believe that this album deserves a full band treatment (you can hear that all instruments are and will be very fun to
  5. Hi Guys, Here Are A Few Song Requests From The Band Yes Don't Kill The Whale Rythem Of Love Love Will Find A Way The Calling Perpetual Change (Ik We Have A Version Of This Song With Just Drums But Could Someone Maybe Chart It With Guitar And/Or Other instruments as well?)
  6. Just think a band THIS big (succesful in three different decades) should have a project like the Genesis one (loveeed that project btw) This is a list of songs that I wish for this project The Yes Album - Yours is no disgrace - Perpetual Change Close to the Edge (Full album) Tales from Topographic Oceans - The Revealing Science of God (Dance of the Dawn) Relayer - Sound Chaser - Gates Delirium Going for the One - Going for the One - Parallels - Awaken Tormato - Don't Kill The Whale Big Generator - Rhythm of Love - Final Eyes Union - I Would Have Waited Forever - Lift me U
  7. Louey7


    This is my first request and I randomly signed into this account I didn't know existed (thought it might have at one point). But I lurk around here a bit, just haven't posted much of, if, anything. So. Anyways my request is for more of the band Yes - Wikipedia If it is already there, sorry and if you could point me where, that would be great. Whenever I have tried to search Yes, I get a bunch of other stuff due to the common occurrence of the word (Songs I know of by them - Roundabout (RB3 song) and Gates of Delirium (custom)) Thanks
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