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  1. Inspired by the various other band-centered projects that other users have started, I decided to embark on my own journey through a band's discography. Why Radiohead? My thought process was essentially this: "well, Radiohead is pretty much my favorite band, and they're also probably the biggest currently-active band in the world right now, so... I guess my choice should be pretty obvious." (I mean, Modest Mouse was close. Maybe I'll do them later...) Okay, that's enough fluff. Radiohead is a band that has received huge amounts acclaim throughout their 20+ year career. Their debut, while cont
  2. Welcome to Echo's WIPs! ■ Released | ■ Completed | ■ In progress | ■ To be started Edit: 7/Nov/20 Lost my C3 Token so new songs and a few updates are delayed until I recover it somehow. Light in the Black - Rainbow Heavy Metal Machine - Steel Teen Titans Theme Song - Puffy AmiYumi Malfeasance - Interpol Master Pretender - First Aid Kit Manual reduction and Pro Keys addition list (Edit 29/Oct/20) ■ Full | ■ Keys only, CAT-reduced | ■ Reductions only | ■ To be worked on Dark Moor Lovers A Truth for Me
  3. most of these will be released some time in the near future, mostly based off clone hero charts a friend and I have worked on (and in some cases, released). if someone would like to chart vocals/keys for these, that would be great not to be released in order singles Icosahedron - Bees (nearly finished) Icosahedron - My Biggest Fear (nearly finished) Neil Cicierega Pack 01 Lemon Demon - Neverending Hum (playtesting) Lemon Demon - I've Got Some Falling To Do (playtesting) Deporitaz - I Know Your Name (recharting) Lemon Demon - Lemon Demon (bass
  4. Hey guys this is my thread where i'll keep you updated on future songs to be released by me! *Note - [stage; Done]* Singles: Swans - Screen Shot Tool - Sweat Tool - Part of Me Slint - Rhoda [charting; G,D] Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells Pt.1 [tempo mapping] Electric Wizard - Funeralopolis [tempo mapping] Electric Wizard - We Hate You Totorro - Chevlier Bulltoe [charting; D] Bo Burham - Repeat Stuff [-] The Barenaked Ladies - Brian Wilson (Live) The Flaming Lips - I Found This Star On the Ground The Flaming Lips - 7 Skies H3 Robbie Robertson - Somewhere Down the Crazy River The Shaggs - Phi
  5. After a long time, my WIP is updated. First you will find all the bands that I plan to make their songs and below will be the different projects that I have. Ordered from highest to lowest priority although I will always be willing to continue collaborating with all the authors who are interested in the plans I have. Aerosmith: Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)Full CircleHome TonightLick And A PromiseNine LivesSick As A DogTaste Of IndiaArctic Monkeys:2013Bigger Boys And Stolen SweetheartsBlack TreacleBrick By BrickCigarette Smoker FionaDespair In The Departure LoungeDiamonds Are Fore
  6. This is a wip about the album "Anothe Life" by Mark Stoermer, who is bassist in The Killers Another Life -Weary Soul -Shadow In A Dream -Everyone Loves The Girl -Need A Hand -Amber Bough -The Day We Were Before -The Haunts -No Time -There Is No Is -Another Life authors: Paolex: Vocals Andrewetg: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys
  7. José Madero Vizcaíno Vocalista reconocido, José Madero Vizcaíno cuenta con 4 álbumes de estudio, ademas de destacarse como autor de 3 libros. Recognized vocalist, José Madero Vizcaíno has 4 studio albums, in addition to standing out as the author of 3 books. Carmesí -Lunes 28 -Con Ustedes, La Rocola Humana -Literatura Rusa -No Como El Filme -Entre Comillas -Plural Siendo Singular -Abril -Teo, El Gato Persa Rinde Su Declaración -Puerto Partida (Soy Un Cobarde) -Sinmigo -El Mundo de Mi Almohada -¿A poco no? -Siempre tendremos Dallas -Conversación Sobre A
  8. The MGMT (WIP) Project MGMT (or "The Management" pre-2005) is an electronic duo started by two guy who met in university. they currently have 3 albums under their belt and have stated that another is finished and ready for release later this year (2017). With tracks like "Kids" and "Time to Pretend", and lesser known gems like "Flash Delirium" and "Alien Days", I can safely say that I'm anticipating the upcoming 4th album. I've been humming and hawing about doing this for a while. The school semester just started, but I've been listening to them a lot recently (the first two albums especi
  9. So this is my first time posting on any forum, so I am not sure how this works. I am working on a custom, and would like some feed back. Currently I have finished drums and guitar, and have partially finished bass. I plan to add keys as well. I would like you post the work I have done thus far, but am not sure how. Can anyone help me with this? I am also looking for feedback once the chart is posted.
  10. Hi Everyone, I see that many people are posting their WIP lists and I figured I should post mine to show what may be coming soon and in the small case that somebody else charts it. Also my finished songs are listed below with their links. Finished Songs Sorted by Artist Name: Britney Spears - Lucky Darlene Zschech - Shout to the Lord John D. Boswell - Bob Ross Remixed: This is Your World Lonestar - Mr. Mom Mr Scruff - Kalimba Parry Gripp - Do You Like Waffles? Scott Gairdner - Sex Offender Shuffle Tangerine Kitty - Dumb Ways to Die WIP (Updated 9/19/20): Stacie Orrico - More to Life
  11. These are the songs I'm working on, so don't chart them *wink wink*. I probably won't be working on more than two songs at the same time. Feel free to ask me for collaborating on any of these songs, no pressure! // Español // Estas son las canciones en las que estoy trabajando, así que no las hagan ustedes, eh? Probablemente no estaré trabajando en más de dos canciones al mismo tiempo. Sientanse libres de preguntarme para colaborar con alguna de estas canciones, sin presión! Esperanza Spalding - Ebony and Ivy (20% done).Florence + the Machine - Shake It Out (Frets on Fire import)Florence +
  12. doa

    doa WIP

    I am currently working on: Magnum: All Come Together Tempo Map - DoNotPassGo. Drums 2x - Done - just two tom fills that I'm not 100% sure on Bass - done. Polished hopos and sustains. Guitar - done. Keys 75% - most difficult passage and outro left to do. Getting feedback from ejthedj Vocal - started. Drums - Disco flip to do. Overdrive and Unison - to do. Dry vox - to do Savatage: Legions Aim is to make this full band if I can, got the OK from beard216 to go ahead. Tempo Map - beard216 Guitar: Vichorest - Conve
  13. I recently charted Wild Side by ALi (aka Beastars Opening theme) and I am very good at charting everything but vocals. I was hoping to find a lyrics charter who could help me. Please send me a message and I will provide a link to the custom. And if you are interested in charting lyrics for any of my other customs please let me know. Thanks!
  14. Man its been years...After several laptop issues and busy life getting in the way, im back into the charting business! Still have a very busy life (only really have time to work on a song about once or twice a week) but i can get a chunk done! A lot of you won't know me. I'm EmotionalDaisy, or Daisy for short. Rock Band became a big part of my life way back in its first days, and me and friends and family would play it all the time. even the people who didnt play video games could still play this and its a mushy bonding experience and blahblahblah...anyways! I mostly focus on Pop or Video ga
  15. Ive been working on this song for a few days now. I have all difficulties of drums and Ive started on guitar. This is my first attempt at a rock band custom. Id love for some feedback after I get a little more done. I might work on Ordinary Man or Reckless Paradise (by Billie tallent) after I get this done.
  16. Desierto Drive Desierto Drive are a Mexican band from Monterrey. former members of Pxndx, Desierto Drive have a different style to do his songs Desierto Drive are: Arturo Arredondo: Vocals-Guitar-Keys Ricardo Treviño: Bass Kross Vázquez: Drums Desierto Drive es una banda mexicana de Monterrey. ex miembros de Pxndx, Desierto Drive tienen un estilo diferente para hacer sus canciones Desierto Drive son: Arturo Arredondo: Voz-Guitarra-Teclas Ricardo Treviño: Bajo Kross Vázquez: Batería Mexican Dream -Mi Chula Adolescente -Historias X Cambiar -Ghostwriter -Ven Corazón -A
  17. So after almost 2 years of mostly inactivity, and about a year of not playing RB. I decided to get back into it and now I'm actually charting some stuff, currently my best strengths are charting drums and bass, keys and guitar I can do okay, and vocals I struggle the most with. For anyone interested, let me know if you're working on any of these or wanna collab in the future. Completed WIP Dolvondo - Insanity (G,B,K,D done, no vocals) CG5 - Love Isn't Fair (G,B,K,D done, no vocals) PLANNED
  18. About time a made a WIP sheet. If you have any customs in the making that's on this sheet, please let me know so I can take it off. ELO - Livin' Thing - Multitracks isolated. Journey - Who's Crying Now - Multitracks currently being isolated. Elton John - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - Multitracks currently being isolated.
  19. Walk the Moon, a band from Cincinnati, Ohio. Their quirky, spirited indie rock has garnered them a lot of buzz over the past few years, and now, they come to Rock Band 3, as we tackle their 48-song discography in a project aptly named... Walk the Moon TALKING IS HARD
  20. Hi everybody, i move some customs from my WIP list that i feel confortable to be here on Customs Song section, some of them i will take a look and do some updates, i always test on my xbox console, i planning bring more brazilian songs near future, thanks to prerigos to give me permission to convert your guitar charts on the songs: Faroeste cabloco and aonde quer que eu vá, so here comes the list: ________________________________________________ Brazilian Translation Ai galera possuo algumas customs em portugues, sem deixar de citar o usuario prerigos que fez o fret de guitarra e deixou
  21. Hey guys, I have a lot of songs that I have pending due to university. However I want some to help adding the rest of instruments if you can. I'll add the charter once its instrument it's done. I'll compile them. The "done" ones are charted by me. Songs are next ones: The Stone Roses - Waterfall Guitar: Done Bass: Done Drums: Vocals: The Stone Roses - Fools Good Guitar: Bass: Done Drums: Vocals: Red - Shadows Guitar: Done Bass: Done Drums: Vocals: Sick Puppies - Riptide Guitar: Bass: Done Drums: Vocals:
  22. My first collaboration is with a band that I rediscovered last year and that hit hard in my life. After seeing a Kueller's post about Muse's new album, he took me to complete my favorite Arctic Monkeys album: "Humbug". The songs will be uploaded as you finish them and you will see an update of the status of each one according to how you are progressing in each one (idea taken from Kueller's as well). From now on I hope you like the idea and I thank the person mentioned above for giving me the idea just by having posted his thread. To consider: Green: Finished Blue: In
  23. Hi, I'm going to try get out a full album out. The entire album will eventually be completed, starting with Exogenesis (Full) and then just following the tracklisting. So like this: - Vocals - Keys - Drums - Bass - Guitar THE RESISTANCE 01. Uprising - T - V - K - D - B - G - E - 02. Resistance - T - V - K - D - B - G - E - 03. Undisclosed Desires - T - V - K - D - B - G - E - 04. United States Of Eurasia (+Collateral Damage) - T - V - K - D - B - G - E - 05. Guiding Light - T - V - K - D - B - G - E - 06. Unnatural Selection - T - V - K - D - B - G - E - 07
  24. Hello! My name is Dandysqueak, and I've been an author for C3 since 2017. I'm here to bring people old classics and new favorites, all while bringing the best quality I can muster, in the form of full band, fully reduced customs. Here's what I have in the works-- everything here has a tempo map to start out with, instruments will be noted. Coldplay - Magic David Hasselhoff - True Survivor Doll Skin - Shut Up (You Miss Me) Florence + the Machine - What Kind of Man Mae - Anything Mae - Sic Semper Tyrannis Mumford & Sons - Roll Away Your Stone niki - Close To You (ft. V F
  25. Normally I don't do this but I think this time I must do. Anyway, here's my WIP Thread in case anyone wants to collaborate WORK IN PROGRESS: Sabrina Sabrok - Deal With the Devil (Single, 2017.) G - Done. B - Not Started. D - Not Started. V - In Progress. Sonata Arctica - Among the Shooting Stars (The Ninth Hour, 2016.) G - Not Started. B - Not Started. D - Not Started. V - Not Started. Sonata Arctica - The Elephant (Japanese bonus track from the album The Ninth Hour, 2016.) G - In Progress. B - Not Started. D - Not Started. V - Not Started. Whitesnake - The Gy
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