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Found 17 results

  1. if I add a pro-keys track (to represent guitar #2) to an official DLC song which originally does not have that instrument track (no keys or pro-keys in the song currently), am I able to share ONLY the portion that I created without stepping on a copyright landmine? ...or is it generally understood that the entire song cannot be touched legally, even if my only goal is to complete the song, which currently lacks half of the guitar being played in the song? (song in question = Unholy Confessions - by A7X)
  2. Hello, I downloaded some custom songs from this page today. When I put these on my XBOX 360, I've seen that some songs have a much too long name or a pixelated album cover. (Some song names are so long that you can not read them anymore) Is there a way to rename downloaded songs and change the cover so that the name and the cover are displayed in the game as well (RockBand3 XBOX 360)? Thank you in advance for all the information.
  3. Hi, I checked before if one of this songs were already charted before writting this and I didn´t found any of them so, here are my song requests, I will divide it by the artist/group and below it the songs. If some other song come to my head I will update the post or something. Aventura -Peligro -Yo quisiera amarla -El perdedor -El desprecio Sinister -I Wont Forget You G Aleks Sintek ft. Ana Torroja -Duele El Amor Sin Ti Gianluca Grignani -La Mia Storia Tra Le Dita Ricardo Arjona -Porque Es Tan Cruel el Amor -El Problema -El Taxista -
  4. Here's a wonderful question, Which artist has the most number of songs in your collection? For me & probably many others, it's The Beatles followed closely by Green Day. Having almost all the albums from exports & customs for both bands is kind of ridiculous but hey, they're worth it. TBH Not all The Beatles songs are exciting but I'm a completionist haha. I played the crap out of both games when they came out & it was the greatest thing to me to find out that I could play them in Rock Band 3 with Pro-Drums. I'm curious to find out what you guys will say!
  5. Is there any main setlist song or dlc you feel are mislabeled as harder or easier than they should be? Personally I feel like certain Queen songs are mislabeled as easier than harder Queen - We Will Rock You/We are the Champions. I personally feel they are harder than they show on the difficulty, in vocals, 1 notch harder for Guitar for We Are the Champions. Any other songs you can think of?
  6. I have some Weird Al requests, love the new customs by him on here, but here are just a few I would enjoy to have. Weird Al - Close But No Cigar Weird Al - Fat Weird Al - Canadian Idiot Weird Al - Bohemian Polka Weird Al - Alternative Polka Weird Al - Jackson Park Express Weird Al - Hamilton Polka (Recent collaboration of his) I know theres many more on the waiting list, but these are just some of the Al tracks Id love to have.
  7. Here's some songs I'm fairly certain haven't been done yet (full band), & it's kind of a shock. Moody Blues - Nights in White Satin Moody Blues - Tuesday Afternoon Tommy James & The Shondells - Draggin' the Line Joan Jett - Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah) Tiffany OR Tommy James & The Shondells - I Think We're Alone Now Andrew Gold - Lonely Boy Billy Ocean - Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car Hot Chocolate - I Believe in Miracles Shocking that most of these weren't made as customs yet, but tbh I get that so little time to get to everything, that I know eventually they will be
  8. DAgames build our machine Natewantstobattle let me in
  9. Recently when I started opening the game only roughly half of my customs have actually been loaded into the game. The rest are still on my USB, but the Xbox doesn't see them. The USB is nowhere near full. Any ideas why this can be?
  10. Hey! I am new to making/downloading custom songs. While using customcreators.com I found that barely any full band Green Day songs are available. So, I was wondering if someone could take the time to create some of my favorite songs: Redundant King for a Day Platypus (I Hate You) The Grouch Church On Sunday Misery Nightlife Wow! That's Loud Kill The DJ X-Kid Poprocks and Coke (Band) 2,000 Light Years Away Dominated Love Slave Going to Pasalacqua Outlaws Ordinary World Revolution Radio (Band) They aren't in any order. Thank you so much in advance! Edit: If someone could make an easy tutor
  11. I made a post a while ago stating some Green Day custom song requests that I would like to see. After a while I found that The Beatles Rock Band has been completely converted to RB3 con files. Can someone please give me a link to Green Day Rock Band 3 if it exists. I have Green Day Rock Band, I just don't have an Xbox One/Rock Band 4 game to export the songs. If you have any other Green Day songs besides the ones on the C3 database, I would also like them. Thank you to all the people who manage my problems and requests. This is the only website I can go for help with RB3 custom songs.
  12. Christie road 2,000 light years away going to pasalacqua at the library why do you want him
  13. Does anyone know if there a substantial amount of Disney songs on the customs? If you know any, could you post here. I would like to request one Disney song. Zootopia - Try Everything Put your request down below for authors Thank You
  14. Alright, so I'm new to this forum, and I've followed StackOverflow0x's guide on compiling RB3 customs for Wii. I have made my own custom and downloaded another custom from the database here to use on my Wii, compiled them with the RB3 Wii Pack Tool, and put the BIN files from both songs in the ZFE folder on my SD card. I cleared the cache on my Wii (the MSTORE.vff) and I loaded the game. Once I got to the main menu, the game went through loading all of the songs, and would load all of my official DLC fine, but when the game got to the custom songs, it would display an error that said that the
  15. Hello. I am new to this database and have a question. When I go to save songs from the database it says "all files" it doesn't save as a specific file. I am looking for rb3con files and such. I know how to add the songs to my Xbox and play them. If I need to download some extractor or whatever that is fine.. If someone can fix my stupidity that ll be great lol
  16. Hey guys! I'm not as much requesting more songs to be produced but i would love it if you guys could link me to or tell me the name of songs that are on the database or customs subforum that would qualify for the never-ending epic song category in RB3. So far i only have Octavarium and In-a gadda-da-vida. I would love to expand my selection. I prefer full customs, but guitar only tracks are welcome as well. Thank you in advance!
  17. Many thanks in advance if someone wants to do any of these. The Band - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down The Band - Ophelia Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa - I'd Rather Go Blind Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa - Someday After Awhile (You'll be Sorry) Elton John - Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding Eric Clapton - Don't Think Twice, It's All Right Fleetwood Mac - Sisters of the Moon Journey - Look into the Future Journey - On a Saturday Night Journey - You're on Your Own Muse - Exogenesis Symphony Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Love Theme Pearl Jam - Crazy Mary Phish - Halfway to the Moon T
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