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  1. I want to create custom songs for rock band 3, but Reaper already gave me an error. When I open the C3 Custom RB3 Template, a message pops up saying: The following effects were in the project file and are not available. REAPER will keep their configurations, but things may not sound as desired. Master: VST: W1 Limiter (George Yohng) Track 1: VST: W1 Limiter (George Yohng) Track 3: VSTi: RBN Preview (RBN) Track 4: VSTi: RBN Preview (RBN) Track 5: VSTi: RBN Preview (RBN) Track 13: VSTi: RBN Preview (RBN) How do i fix this?! D:
  2. Does anyone know the way to 3D preview the PRO GUITAR in REAPER? I know there is one in Editor on Fire, but it can only display one instrument at a time and hard to read in real time. Many thanks
  3. Edit: Solved. See responses below for answers. Hi. I'm working on a song and I'm having trouble when I try to build it with Magma. It seems that the problem is that when I export the MIDI file in Reaper, it's exporting lyric events to Harm1, Harm2 and Harm3 that don't even exist. Any help is appreciated. This is my Reaper project file: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xlulzq71v100rk0/Arturo_Mercado_Jr_-_Principe_Ali.RPP/file This is the MIDI exported by Reaper: https://www.mediafire.com/file/3pbjxy65d8t66q6/Arturo_Mercado_Jr_-_Principe_Ali.mid/file This is the Magma log: Magma: C3 Roks
  4. Edit: I solved the problem, no need to reply here. Thanks to those involved. end The following is I have a custom that is about to be finalized, in fact it was already but the Vocals FX (I think that's the name of the thing) is present in the song during the gameplay. I already checked the custom song (the one we used on Magma's backing) by itself and those sounds are not there. I've also done everything (as little as I know, I'm new to this program) on Reaper, turned off all FX and even turned down all the Vocals volume and it didn't do any good! My question is, how do I get this out
  5. Hello; I've just started getting into charting so this might be a "newbie" question or issue, but one thing I'm wanting to do, mainly with a bass part I'm charting, is using open notes (i.e. notes where you hold no buttons and just strum, looks like a bar across the track). However, from the REAPERtemplates available along with the lack of any information online, it seems either that open notes don't exist for rock band or they are extremely uncommon. How would I go about charting open notes in my scenario, if I can? Is there another template online that I should use instead? For additional
  6. Hello I am new and I still have many doubts when making a song in Reaper, could someone pass me a song finished in reaper to from there based me? Please
  7. I'm trying to author my first song and I'm constantly running into walls. I need help. Just an FYI, I'm a graphic designer, video producer and audio engineer by trade. I've been using software like Sound Forge, Audition and FL Studio for 20 years. I'm not bragging, I'm just saying I know how to open zip files and can differentiate between left and right clicks. Long story short: Gems aren't showing up in the FX window. How do I fix this? (reaper screenshot included) Long story Long: as you can see from my screenshot, I'm following the pksage tutorial. I've created my tempo map and was mo
  8. Hi, I'm in need of help from someone with a lot of experience authoring Rock Band songs. I've been using this website for a while now for custom songs, and have been working to start authoring, but I haven't had time to finish a project yet. My friends and I are signed up to play Rock Band for the school talent show, and we thought it would be an awesome idea to mash-up all of our favorite songs. We've come up with a list of songs, timestamps, and transitions, but we need help actually getting all of the tracks into one song and have it sound good / be playable. Any help or even just advi
  9. Hi I'm having some issues with Reaper Since I started using this Laptop, Reaper can't load the necessary effects to author. After clicking the RB3 Template, (Or any other) after it loads there's a Load Warning saying that some effects (RBN previews and W1 Limiter) couldn't be loaded. I still can't get the note highway to appear!. I'm leaving some pics demonstrating this. https://imgur.com/gallery/PKCqQ5L Maybe I'm missing something right under my nose hidden in plain sight but I can't find an answer or a way to fix this. Help pls?
  10. So Im a novice at charting songs, been attempting to for quite some time with very little results, as obviously youve never seen a song from me yet. I use all the tools given by C3, BUT the main issue lies from where Im charting the songs. I use at the moment EOF, I was told EOF was for beginners, but its very hard to get used to because its so painstakingly tedious. Been trying it since I started. But theres also Reaper which Ive been told is a better charting program & more accurate, but its for more experienced charters. Is there an inbetween or is that most likely it? Which is th
  11. everytime i try to add sections, magma says it's not a valid name Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/eee441c084368bfad5ce75bdcba9c8be
  12. I want to chart Pro Drums for a few songs, and I'd like to be able to see what it looks like in the preview window. The different options I have for modes are "Guitar/Bass" or "Drum" but nothing else. Another annoying thing is that the whole preview window is tinted blue, making the colors different. I've been just dealing with the color, but now that I want to chart Pro Drums, I gotta fix this thing. Anyone know what's up?
  13. I just got the pro cymbals for my rock band drums, and I have a few custom songs I've created that I wanted to make pro. I just have one problem that I'm running into: Some of the hi hat notes in my songs are 16th notes with snare hits on 1 and 3. For these beats, on Regular Expert, I have to make the hi hat notes red and the snares yellow (to make it comfortable to play). But when I make the Pro chart, how do I make the red hi hat pad notes yellow cymbal notes? For example: "Move Along" by All American Rejects has all of the hi hat notes as red pad hits on Regular Expert. But on Expert Pr
  14. Basically what the title says!! I'm currently tempo mapping songs for a secret project but I'm not sure of what time signatures the game allows!! Any help would be great!! Thanks!!
  15. Good evening. I am trying to tempo map my own song and when I press [Q] and select the section with the four beats it goes to another section I didn't select and screws up the tempo. So if anybody can help that would be swell!
  16. Every time I try to compile a song in magma, I get the error saying "ERROR: MIDI Compiler: (MIDI FILE): Could not find MIDI track authored for real_keys, possibly due to incorrect track name event" But I don't want pro keys in my custom, neither autogenerated fake pro keys. But it keeps showing up. I know if I add the pro keys track, it says no notes charted for pro keys. For my first compiled custom I ended up adding fake pro keys myself since it wouldn't stop. How can I bypass it / get rid of it?
  17. I'm trying to compile my song in magma, I'm getting error messages saying I don't have key ranges. What are those and how do I add them? Can someone check out my RPP? (I added fake pro keys myself to get rid of issues in magma btw)
  18. I'm trying to work on a custom and it has a couple partial measures that are needed for the song, but everytime I export the midi notes that are on the partial measure get broken and the chart is ruined (I would have to re-edit the chart and make a new tempo all over again just to get around it but I cant be bothered). I've tried using 4.22 like everyone else, but even that version doesnt export partial measures right. I even tried using the latest version of Reaper (which supposedly is supposed to fix the issue) and it still doesn't get fixed. Is there some way to get around this? Or am I
  19. So, I found out about a week ago that reaper can AUTOMATICALLY place lyrics by the note for you. Here's the video: https://youtu.be/Vt--Pg8Bp_w?t=720 Now that I'm finally aware, I tried it myself. It didn't work. I did everything in the video, Ctrl+A (select all), Shift L, and clicked the lyrics, but they still come messed up, separated by beats and not placed by notes. What I find suspicious is that in the video, he doesn't have the options of Divide lyrics on: Any Whitespace or Tabs every 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 4 beats. Can anyone help fix this or explain if I'm doing it wrong?
  20. So I am finished with my drum chart and I was exporting it in Magma and it gives me the following error. ERROR: MIDI Compiler: (MIDI FILE): Cannot parse MIDI file; one or more MIDI tracks may be corrupt (usually due to missing or extraneous track name events)ERROR: MIDI Compiler: (MIDI FILE): Could not find MIDI track authored for drum, possibly due to incorrect track name event. What do I do to fix this?? I have tried everything and have no clue what to do.
  21. Hello. I've been charting for a couple of months now and it has all been well. Today I had a friend go through my files to help me with something and now for some reason Reaper crashes every time I open an .rpp of a custom. I'm thinking he must have deleted something necessary for it to work, but I checked that I have all the necessary plug-ins and whatnot and everything is there. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Thanks
  22. HELP. I have made probably over 10 customs. I'm aware not all have vocals or anything. I've been making them since I was probably 12. Anyways, Magma has always been my number one problem. I have the midi, RPP, everything of the song, but theres always that ONE error in magma. Its always a bunch. Even when I fix it I can never make the CON file. I want to know, is there anyone out there who would like to maybe soon make the rb3 con for me? I will provide a link to the reaper project if you need. I'll include visualizers for the songs I've made so far. Thank you! (Just want to make it clear, the
  23. I wanted to know, is there a way in reaper to set up a rock band controller that you have connected to PC (I have the wii dongles hooked up, they work fine in emulators and phase shift). Is there a way so that when I am charting a song, I can use the buttons on the controller to chart them, like recording each part. thanks.
  24. I want to make the song "Go Robot" for rock band, but I find it wayyyy to hard to chart vocals. I don't even know how to do it and how to add lyrics, and the mouth, etc. Anyone willing to do it?
  25. I have been posting a lot of problem topics lately. Sorry about that. Well now my problem is the tick per quarter problem in reaper. Whenever I am finished with my MIDI, it goes straight into the Magma MIDI compiler. But, recently I couldn't because the "tick per quarter" is set to 960 in reaper, I need it to be at 480. How do I change this manually? Thanks once again.
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