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Found 4 results

  1. I decided to make a list of songs featured in RB4 that aren't in the database. This is because I've noticed some people have been requesting songs that are already featured in RB4, probably because they're not really up to date with RB4 DLC. This list can help users see which songs are already in RB4 before they make a request for a specific song from here or put it in a list of requests. Also helpful for people to know which songs to not put in their WIP list (probably could use a live version if available) A few songs from here may still have customs in the database. The date in parenth
  2. Hello! This topic is to show a list of all the Rock Band Network songs that have been added back to Rock Band 4! If any song is missing, please message me! (List will be updated when needed) April 4, 2016 Bang Camaro - "Push Push (Lady Lightning)" Blanks. - "Lodger" DnA's Evolution - "The Heist" Father Octopus - "Blink" Giant Target - "Signs" Symbion Project - "Synthesized" The Main Drag - "What's Your Favorite Dinosaur?" The Main Drag - "Don't Let Me Down (Slowly)" Tijuana Sweetheart - "No Mercy" Tijuana Sweetheart - "Trash Candy" November 20, 2017 The Acro-Brats - "Hair Trigger" Anarchy
  3. Rant Incoming..... I haven't played the game, I have seen some videos, I get the gist, the graphics are lovely and the gameplay looks tight. Also, I love Harmonix, they are as amazing of a developer that any gamer could ask for (assuming they know about customs and allowed it? that's cool in my books), and have probably put up with a lot of shite from some of their fanbase (oh the irony) despite always doing their best to make us happy. However.... Rock Band 4. Well. This isn't a rant about the game per se, just some things which are occurring as a result of this games development
  4. Hey guys! I just created two new forums, "Official DLC Discussion" and "Rock Band 4 Discussion". I moved a bunch of threads to the second one, so if your RB4 thread is missing, don't panic! "Official DLC Discussion" will have an admin-created topic for each DLC release, and you'll be able to use those threads to rate them from 1-10 and otherwise discuss the content. See you in the new forums on October 6!
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