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Found 12 results

  1. i've asked for so many yrs plz someone make my dream come true someone who can listen to something n see the potential it has to be charted on all instruments vox included!! i made this some yrs ago and tried to redownload everything and give it another go but it's like a foreign language to me now. customcreators youre my only hope....
  2. Hi! I'm trying to polish up a song (Tool - Rosetta Stoned to be exact) by doing some Guitar animations and a recurrent doubt became fundamental: Sometimes the guitar player does some pull-offs to an open note that isn´t charted green and judging from this doc it seems a bit tricky: [map HandMap_DropD] = open hand (no fingers down) for all green gems, all other gems are chords[map HandMap_DropD2] = open hand (no fingers down) for all green gemsI thought it was a limitation until I saw this: https://youtu.be/OrmiqI5Oxto?t=21 Clearly red notes are being pull-offed to open so... Is this an officia
  3. What is an artist you feel has way less songs on rock band (including customs) than they should? For me Id say Thousand Foot Krutch Sevendust Warren Zevon Boz Scaggs Earth, Wind & Fire The Killers Lacuna Coil
  4. This is going to be my last topic for awhile, I just had thought of this awesome topic while in the shower & had to share it & I believe it could be very debatable for a long time. If you could build a Rock Band game but these were your requirements: 1 song per artist of choice Only the main Rock Band games (1, 2, 3, 4, GDRB, TBRB, AC/DC Live, Lego RB) The setlist has to include various difficulties (obviously) & Choose a mode available in each main series game. What would it be? (Bonus, Name or Number In series) Im not going to participate in this one, but Im definitely inte
  5. This is a question that's been asked for years since the last time Guitar Hero was relevant & since Rock Band first stopped updating their DLCs. What does everyone think? For me, there's a few answers honestly, let's go through them. 1. Poor sales. An obvious one, but poor sales really did them in, nobody bought their titles besides hardcore fans (by the end of it). I certainly have converted a few people towards these game series'. Got them all hooked on these games like never before. 2. Price, The price can be contributed to the lack of support, I mean, between the peripherals breaki
  6. How can I delete a message?
  7. ​ In the Customs search bar, I think there might be a bit of an error. For example, when I search for the artist 'Toby "Radiation" Fox' no results are shown. However, if I search 'Megalovania' then it shows a song with the artist name 'Toby "Radiation" Fox'. How come This issue is occurring? Am I missing even more songs when I do searches for Artists? Also, what is the difference/history of the Customs Database and the Legacy Database? From what I've seen, there are fewer charts in the Legacy Database but I don't know why the Customs one is separate.
  8. I have made a couple of songs with Editor on Fire and I would like to post them on the 'Customs' forums but I don't know how to convert them...
  9. Is there any main setlist song or dlc you feel are mislabeled as harder or easier than they should be? Personally I feel like certain Queen songs are mislabeled as easier than harder Queen - We Will Rock You/We are the Champions. I personally feel they are harder than they show on the difficulty, in vocals, 1 notch harder for Guitar for We Are the Champions. Any other songs you can think of?
  10. I installed the rbn2_install file to reaper, I just don't know how to launch the RBN preview on the guitar MIDI XD Thanks for any help you can give.
  11. Hello again people. So I extracted some songs I purchased from my XBOX 360. Whenever I put the mogg into audacity or reaper, all I get is loud static. The reason I am using the MOGG is to add keys to some Green Day songs that didn't have them, I wont upload them here though. If I could get some help with this problem, that would be great. Thanks.
  12. I've just uploaded a custom of a song that has been set up for RBN by an RBN artist but it never made it into the RBN (which means you can't get the song) and I have just decided to try and remake the chart and upload the song as a custom. Is this okay with going through customs? Because I know the policy about not uploading customs that represent actual DLC that you can buy or is legacy, I'm just wondering if this kind of custom is still okay. If there was something that I've missed reading then I'm probably the dumbass here.
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