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Found 16 results

  1. MRBURPER'S Customs! Thank-you and welcome to my customs thread! All of my customs will be posted here and in the database as well. I do my best to make my customs as good as they can be, so you can at the least you can expect legacy instruments, drum animations. however I will chart all the instruments to a song if I can (including harmonies). You're welcome to point out chart errors, song requests and the like. I also have a WIP thread that you can check-out which will give you an idea of what songs I'm working on (although that thread doesn't get updated very often).
  2. 6/15 Mr. Bungle - Squeeze Me Macaroni Overdrive, expert only. Pro drums = yes Song charted by Blitzbob (for Drum Project 4), it was pretty much ready-to-use for RB3 (I didn't even have to open Reaper !). Frank Zappa - Apostrophe Expert only, no overdrive. Pro drums = yes Charted by Narutostarwars123456 (for Drum Project 5) Vadrum - Ringtone Medley Expert + CAT EMH, no overdrive. Pro drums = yes Charted by 1Upbassist for Drum Project 4. Vadrum - Infernal Gallop I final
  3. LATEST UPDATE 11/3 - Election Day - Mastodon - Fallen Torches GUITAR: Chainsaw Octopus 2x version GUITAR: EchoOfMystery GUITAR: EchoOfMystery 2x version GUITAR: EchoOfMystery GUITAR: Sr.Moog "Sometimes" opens up their 4th studio album. Any fans who were expecting another Go, Once, or last exit were immediately kicked in the ass with this song. Sometimes seems to be about questioning occurrences in your life that are beyond your control. It seems to slide into existence instead of ex
  4. Note: SONG GUESS HALL OF FAME! FroOgle (2) fanf13 (2) SwagApple naginalJJ (2) x|xAvaricex|x Songs http://www.pksage.com/ccc/forums/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=1197 "Nocturne" by Tesseract (UPDATED - 4/30) http://customscreators.com/index.php?/page/index.html/_/nocturne-r18184 "The Sound Of Truth" by As I Lay Dying http://www.mediafire.com/download/6cxly54bma7jr0a/TheSoundofTruth_rb3con "Brompton Cocktail" by Avenged Sevenfold http://www.mediafire.com/download/5sy69565d6pwdvz/BromptonCocktail_rb3con "Breaking Point" by Bullet For My Valentine http://www.mediafire.com/download/cvp24
  5. Hello there! My name is Mike, I go by Onyxite, and I've been charting mostly prog & metal RB customs for a few years. I did a large amount of drums charts for someguy913 and his Twitch chat back when he streamed RB drums regularly, including a good third or so of Dream Theater's discography, and ever since the C3 community database launched I've started back up doing full band charts. I have a... particular charting style for drums and the other pro instruments -- I strongly believe Rock Band transcriptions should be as motion-accurate as possible, closely emulating the movement and feel
  6. Hey guys!first of all sorry if this isn't the place to make this topic but i'm desperate to get these missing songs that are in the database but the links are broken . I'm looking for the full band custom of: HAKEN- The Architecht HAKEN - Cockroach king. I've seen the playthrough and is a MUST in my chart.so if u can help me i'll be so grateful.again,sorry if this is not the place of this topic
  7. Sons of Apollo is one of Mike Portnoy's newest projects. All very talented musicians. This band would make for good charts for every instrument. Would absolutely love to see some charts of these guys. Thanks!
  8. If anyone would be willing to chart some To-Mera songs I would really appreciate it. I would be looking for the guitar and drum parts specifically. I think they would be fun and somewhat challenging. Any songs at all by them would be great, but, to give some concrete ideas, I will just ask for three songs. The Descent Then Blood A Sorrow to Kill
  9. Hello all, I'm here to request three of my favorite albums for Drums (and maybe guitar as well if anyone feels like it). The albums are: Machine Head - Unto the Locust Protest the Hero - Fortress Native Construct - Quiet World These albums are amazing, and anyone reading this that hasn't heard them should definitely look them up and try them out. The drums on these albums are amazing and I've been scouring the C3 and FoF forums for years patiently waiting for someone to chart them. I'd chart them myself, but I have terrible difficulty learning any kind of software and it's actually prett
  10. Don't know if there's any fans of these guys here on this forum but it would be really awesome to see some of their songs charted, I think they could be a ton of fun, probably especially fun on vocals.
  11. I wanted to put together a sampling of some of my favorite bands that don't appear to have much recognition around here, judging by files available. If any of you like Dream Theater, Between the Buried and Me, or anything in between, it might be worth you check these bands out if you don't know of them already, I've linked songs below. Each of these bands could be considered to be part of the Progressive genre, whether that's Rock, Metal, Death varies between them. I've arranged them in descending order from "softest" to "hardest" music. And yes, some of these bands better fit into the "co
  12. They call me Mr. Knowitall... Hey there! I've been willing to complete a full album from Primus for a while now. The thing is, I know I won't commit to it if I don't write about it somewhere. I picked Sailing the Seas of Cheese first, and started authoring a few things here and there. Hopefully some people could participate to this project and help me with vocals/guitar/bass/playtesting/whatever you want. I will probably tackle the tempo mapping and the drum parts in priority but a bit of reviewing for my charts wouldn't hurt. I won't re-chart what has already been done, but I will contac
  13. Hi Guys, Here Are A Few Song Requests From The Band Yes Don't Kill The Whale Rythem Of Love Love Will Find A Way The Calling Perpetual Change (Ik We Have A Version Of This Song With Just Drums But Could Someone Maybe Chart It With Guitar And/Or Other instruments as well?)
  14. Just think a band THIS big (succesful in three different decades) should have a project like the Genesis one (loveeed that project btw) This is a list of songs that I wish for this project The Yes Album - Yours is no disgrace - Perpetual Change Close to the Edge (Full album) Tales from Topographic Oceans - The Revealing Science of God (Dance of the Dawn) Relayer - Sound Chaser - Gates Delirium Going for the One - Going for the One - Parallels - Awaken Tormato - Don't Kill The Whale Big Generator - Rhythm of Love - Final Eyes Union - I Would Have Waited Forever - Lift me U
  15. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Planned Future Artists/Releases: Nevermore - "This Godless Endeavor" - Full Album Slipknot - ".5: The Gray Chapter" - Full Album Buckethead Paul Gilbert CHON Megadeth --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1/28/16 - The Contortionist - "Exoplanet" 3-Pack (Charted by ZsonicMaster) http://pksage.com/ccc/IPS/index.php?/page/index.html/_/advent-r11009 http://pksage.com/ccc/IPS/index.php?/page/index.html/_/flourish-r1
  16. So this week brought Another full Dream Theater album. Between official and C3, We're up to 36 songs. Full albums everywhere. I want one song. There's even a chart already! Guitar and Drums! I even dug through his youtube channel to find the file, it's right here! So If you've clicked on ether of those links, you see the song is The Dark Eternal Night. Such a cool song. I would be totally happy with just a convert, so beard, if you're out there.. ;D Thanks for reading!
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