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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I'm new here, and new to the customs scene really. Been playing RB since the launch of the first though. I'm having an issue with custom tracks, though. On every custom track I have played (something like 50 different ones, from different creators), I get chart/track lag where the chart seems to move slower than it should. Sometimes it almost seems like when there's a lull in the track and the chart is empty, it noticably speeds back up. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas what could be the culprit here? I've tried two completely different consoles, albeit using the same fl
  2. I ask you guys: how are you able to upload new songs? Since september I cannot upload new customs or update old ones. The "upload new custom" button does not appear in my control panel and when I try to update I receive a message "can't update files with error", but the files are just fine and I have a small batch of 'em in queue. Has anyone else experienced this? How do I fix it?
  3. I charted a german metal song that I put up already and when I load the lyrics in for the song ingame Instead of: "Ich spür nichts mehr in mir" It shows up as: "Ich sp_r nichts mehr in mir" And for other characters in the lyrics in game it does the same thing. Is this supposed to happen with C3 Magma or is this some sort of glitch?
  4. I only say this because there's always ad pop-ups every time go to download a custom that's been uploaded to Mediafire. Pop-up ads tend to almost always give viruses, and that's no good. I just want to avoid having these problems for the future and have the peace of mind when uploading/downloading content here; for you and I both. I've already had to clean out my computer a few times because I got so many Mediafire pop-up ads when browsing customs and downloading a bunch; detected plenty of viruses. I recommend using Dropbox: it's safer, personal, and secure. You can easily add files to an
  5. I have been posting a lot of problem topics lately. Sorry about that. Well now my problem is the tick per quarter problem in reaper. Whenever I am finished with my MIDI, it goes straight into the Magma MIDI compiler. But, recently I couldn't because the "tick per quarter" is set to 960 in reaper, I need it to be at 480. How do I change this manually? Thanks once again.
  6. Hey guys so I was working on this really hard drum chart, and I don't know what happened, but I can no longer select any of the black midi keys (EXPERT BLUE, EXPERT Red in the Drum Track). And this is on the entire midi table! What the F did I do? Can someone help?
  7. Hi guys! Usually I launch RB3 from my Dashlaunch's shortcut, but I accidently launched the game from Aurora (which I installed recently). Aurora applied TU5 (Mad Catz logo), and the customs songs now crash (not the proper DLC though). Problem, when I got back to TU4, the game tells that my profile (save game) belong to an newer TU, and cannot be loaded. WIth TU4, customs work again, but I care my profile very much (I've spend years to favorite songs, etc). Now I have to choose to play the game with a new profile, or use my profile but not be able to play custom songs.. Is there a w
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