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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I wrote Part-Real Guitar for the extra 2nd guitar in a song, and I want to add it to the Pro-Keys Track for one of my DLC songs, and use it for personal enjoyment (not to distribute). When I transfer the content (2 files - original song and Pro Upgrade) to PC, I use the c3 con tools to bundle the original con with the upgrade. Then, I batch extract the bundled file so that i can import the midi to reaper. I choose the option for seperate tracks. But Reaper lays down almost all the tracks, except the pro guitar and bass. How can I bundle my pro-keys midi track with all DLC, inclu
  2. When I create a custom song which includes the pro guitar and bass midi tracks (this is my first try at pro), I export the multi-track midi from Reaper and then i open it in magma, and magma immediately automatically ticks the boxes for Pro Guitar and Pro Bass. After i convert the file to a custom and transfer it to my xbox, the song is added to my collection, but it says that pro guitar and pro bass do not exist when i try to select either pro instrument. But everythng else works fine. Did I miss a necessary part of the process when trying to include the pro guitars to the song? I know noth
  3. This post is simple enough, basically I would like to request full band customs for the following STARSET songs: -Die For You -Monster -Satellite -Frequency -Bringing It Down -It Has Begun -Point of No Return/Rise and Fall/Ambiance -Manifest -Echo -Where The Skies End -Telekinetic I'm looking forward to seeing the possible results of this post and wish you well in these uncertain times! Looking for: -keys -accurate guitar (not charting synth or violin, etc. to guitar) -drums/pro drums -vocals -bass Extras: -pro guitar/bass/keys support -2x bass pedal -harmonies
  4. Hi I'm new to the whole Rock Band 3 Custom scene, so I tried to upgrading a song (adding some missing notes, forcing some strums for rhythm and upgrading it to Pro guitar and bass) with Editor On Fire (EoF) For a start I extracted the .con file and JUST touched the .mid updating the guitar and bass charts, then using CON Tools I cleaned the MiDi with MIDI Cleaner and created the .con with CON Creator, I was able to load the whole thing into RB3 but when I play the song (select and instrument and difficulty) the song starts and the band is warming up then the guitar/bass icon appears and the ba
  5. I want to chart Pro Drums for a few songs, and I'd like to be able to see what it looks like in the preview window. The different options I have for modes are "Guitar/Bass" or "Drum" but nothing else. Another annoying thing is that the whole preview window is tinted blue, making the colors different. I've been just dealing with the color, but now that I want to chart Pro Drums, I gotta fix this thing. Anyone know what's up?
  6. I just got the pro cymbals for my rock band drums, and I have a few custom songs I've created that I wanted to make pro. I just have one problem that I'm running into: Some of the hi hat notes in my songs are 16th notes with snare hits on 1 and 3. For these beats, on Regular Expert, I have to make the hi hat notes red and the snares yellow (to make it comfortable to play). But when I make the Pro chart, how do I make the red hi hat pad notes yellow cymbal notes? For example: "Move Along" by All American Rejects has all of the hi hat notes as red pad hits on Regular Expert. But on Expert Pr
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