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Found 8 results

  1. if I add a pro-keys track (to represent guitar #2) to an official DLC song which originally does not have that instrument track (no keys or pro-keys in the song currently), am I able to share ONLY the portion that I created without stepping on a copyright landmine? ...or is it generally understood that the entire song cannot be touched legally, even if my only goal is to complete the song, which currently lacks half of the guitar being played in the song? (song in question = Unholy Confessions - by A7X)
  2. Is there a way to play Rock Band 3 with the Mustang Pro Guitar (the one with the buttons) AND have audio feedback? For context: You can use the Mustang guitar in RB3 using a MIDI Pro Adapter, through the MIDI port of the guitar. You also can use a Mustang Pro Guitar as a "real instrument" with the correct setup, using the same port. I can use my Yamaha keyboard's MIDI in to hear my pro guitar. With that setup, I tried to connect the MIDI out of the keyboard to the Midi Pro Adapter, but it doesn't seem to work in game, it doesn't recognize it at all. Have you had any luck playng the Musta
  3. WELCOME TO THE GENERAL THREAD FOR PRO GUITAR/BASS QUESTIONS! Q: Wait, what the... Yes, those were the days that PRO Guitar/Bass charts were a privilege for the game creators (aka. Harmonix), nowadays, thanks to the Rock Band communities in general, a lot of research were made to be able to create PRO Guitar/Bass charts. Q: So, what is this thread all about? With the increasing amount of players starting to chart PRO Guitar/Bass, of course we'll expect a lot of questions since we don't have a proper PRO Guitar/Bass documentation (yet). So, here will be answered any questions about the PRO G
  4. Got the controller right when RB3 came out, only used it a handful of times since then. Comes with a handy carrying case for storage too Been following C3 for a couple of years now, and given the customs community still going strong, this would be the best chance to post an ad like this (given this kind of thing is allowed here)
  5. Ever wanted to read a Pro Guitar chart in regular Piano Roll notation? Ever wanted to chart Pro Guitar, but it's too tedious to adjust velocities manually for each note? Now you can! USAGE ProGuitar2MIDIDrag and drop a .mid file that contains a "PART REAL_GUITAR" or "PART REAL_BASS" track into the executable file. Here's an example of its work. MIDI2ProGuitarDrag and drop a .mid file that contains the notes for the Pro Guitar chart in regular notation (like a Pro Keys chart, for instance). It'll read from tracks called "REAL_GUITAR" and "REAL_BASS", and convert them to a EXTREMELY ROUGH Pro
  6. I'm finishing up a custom I've been working on, and it has fairly simple parts for both Guitar and Bass. Due to this, I'm interested in learning what is required to chart out the Pro Guitar and Bass tracks for fun. Currently, I have the notes and the reductions charted out for both Guitar and Bass. I guess the question is what more of the stuff around it is required* for the chart the pass; what would I need to look into learning to make it work? Knowledge of music theory and can play piano and drums... I don't know that much about actual guitar. I can read notes off the frets/strings, but
  7. Hey everyone, I'm working on a PRO Guitar/Bass song that I want to release soon but I fear I'm charting something completely different to what is being played. Are there any PRO G/B charters out there that are able to look at my chart?? I can do reductions afterwards, I just wanna make sure the chart is good!! Thanks in advance!! GreenPanda12
  8. Hey there. I know there is another post on this that got bumped but I have been searching around the internet and haven't found any real guides on how to do so. In this other post I got an idea of what is going on under the hood but I would like trying to get it to work practically. I have the MIDI charts of the trainers from RB3 but I can't get them to work even after putting the notes in the correct region and giving them the correct velocities. I think my problem lies in the channels as I don't know which channel means which type. I mean I have been able to find a list but I don't know
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