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Found 8 results

  1. These are some songs I would like to see made as customs. (Preferably full band) I chose to put all my requests in one go so that i don't forget to put any afterwards. There might be some songs that most charters might not know but I still put them anyways just in case. Thanks in advance to anybody who will actually charts these songs. ABBA-Voulez Vous ABBA-Waterloo April Wine-Oowatanite (In database but only has drums) April Wine-Roller April Wine-You Could Have Been A Lady Airbourne-Stand Up For Rock 'N' Roll Airbourne-Live It Up
  2. This is quite easy & not so easy. On 1 hand of course theres a few you might not have liked, but a lot you probably did on each tracklist. Im going to name off my 1 most least favorite track from each Guitar Hero & Rock Band game (excluding Guitar Hero Live, Handhelds & Track Packs). Here we go! GH - Heart Full of Black Great song but doesnt really fit with the rest of the tracks in the game. Although its one of my favorite I first heard through GH1. GH 2 - Tattooed Love Boys The song has always kind of pissed me off. GH RT80s - Because Its Midnight Same deal as Heart Full of Bla
  3. What is an artist you feel has way less songs on rock band (including customs) than they should? For me Id say Thousand Foot Krutch Sevendust Warren Zevon Boz Scaggs Earth, Wind & Fire The Killers Lacuna Coil
  4. This is going to be my last topic for awhile, I just had thought of this awesome topic while in the shower & had to share it & I believe it could be very debatable for a long time. If you could build a Rock Band game but these were your requirements: 1 song per artist of choice Only the main Rock Band games (1, 2, 3, 4, GDRB, TBRB, AC/DC Live, Lego RB) The setlist has to include various difficulties (obviously) & Choose a mode available in each main series game. What would it be? (Bonus, Name or Number In series) Im not going to participate in this one, but Im definitely inte
  5. Here's some songs I'm fairly certain haven't been done yet (full band), & it's kind of a shock. Moody Blues - Nights in White Satin Moody Blues - Tuesday Afternoon Tommy James & The Shondells - Draggin' the Line Joan Jett - Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah) Tiffany OR Tommy James & The Shondells - I Think We're Alone Now Andrew Gold - Lonely Boy Billy Ocean - Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car Hot Chocolate - I Believe in Miracles Shocking that most of these weren't made as customs yet, but tbh I get that so little time to get to everything, that I know eventually they will be
  6. Roxette: -dressed for sucess -How do you do? -Listen to your heart -you must have been love Shania: -Rock this country -Nah -you're still the one -kashing -I'm gonna getcha The Pretenders -Don't get me wrong Van Halen: -Can't stop loving you Ricky Martin -she bangs -living la vida loca -Maria -loaded
  7. Does anyone know if there a substantial amount of Disney songs on the customs? If you know any, could you post here. I would like to request one Disney song. Zootopia - Try Everything Put your request down below for authors Thank You
  8. Probably should have posted this waaaaay earlier but better late than never. Me and a few friends of mine have been working on gathering FC proofs for every C3 release on guitar. Over the course of almost 3 years, we have whittled down the list of unFC'ed C3 songs on guitar down to 7 (not including 2x, rhythm, karaoke, or radio edits). Here's a link to an external forum that covers this in more detail. Spreadsheet of 2013 Releases Documentation (3 Songs Remaining) Spreadsheet of 2014 Releases Documentation [1/2] (1 Songs Remaining) Spreadsheet of 2014 Releases Documentation [2/2] (2 So
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