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  1. Hi All, I am hoping somebody can assist me with CAT. It is a special case that is not mentioned on other forum posts that I could read. I was trying to perform reductions, but that and none of the other CAT functions are working in my particular song. If I open other songs I've charted it still works, so I know it must be something with this song and not with CAT. Some forum posts had checklists that I went through and it did not fix it. When running the MIDI through Magma, there were no errors in it other than vocal phrase markers are missing (I did not create them yet). I went over the s
  2. I downloaded a bunch of songs off this site to use on clone hero but the songs still wont show up even after scanning them. I am new to CH and I'm not sure what to do also all the songs I downloaded where for xbox 360
  3. Hi, i was wondering if it's possible to change the Avatar on the C3 Control Panel, i changed it here on the forums but the old picture i had it's still there on the CP.
  4. I recently installed some new songs on my rockband 3, but now I have the error "fatal crash intercepted" could someone help me... Does anyone know what update I should have, since they tell me that this could be the error ...please ... thanks... Does anyone know what update I should have, since they tell me that this could be the error ...
  5. Hello, i have a quesiton about uploading the customs, each time i place a URL or a Image it only shows the text line instead of actually showing the image, any solution?
  6. I have Loaded dolphin with the NAND files provided by HarveyHouHacker Most of my APP files load but there are a few that are missing, why?
  7. *** Please read posts on page 3, as I've already nearly completed two songs, I just need some help if you can... *** I have some great tracks from bands that do not exist yet as a custom, and I've leeched enough that I feel like I should contribute something back. I think most, of not all the tracks I would convert would be single track sadly, as I don't have access to multi-track versions for these. Where do I start? I'm sorry if this is obviously somewhere or has been asked a million times, but I just want to do it right. I'm really only interested in creating expert level drum tracks (alth
  8. Not sure if that makes sense... but I mean songs that are downloaded in this format... (see image), are they convertible using Con Tools somehow, or how would I play these otherwise on my Xbox 360? I'm new to this so it's probably something easy/stupid but I can't find anything on this via Google. (only about RBA > CON file conversions) Thanks. https://drive.google.com/file/d/13D-8K_edCB_5fiFKF1KzYxVBP-8vXmTO/view?usp=sharing
  9. Well not necessarily a NEWBIE.. but there are some things I struggle with. Particularly sustaining rolls for a long time or switching between them consecutively. Are there any songs that are good to practice this on? Should I take actual drums lessons? Thanks for any tips guys!
  10. I’ve recently been having an issue where the search function is broken and won’t show any results for certain searches. Like today, I searched “Earth, Wind & Fire” and I get no results. But, if I search September, I get the song to pop up. I even copied and pasted the artist name to test this and it still comes up with no results. I have been able to search artist names in the past, what happened? This had happened when I was trying to find a Billie Eillish song too. I wanted to check if there were any updates for it but I can’t get to the page for it through search. I remember downloading
  11. Hi, I'm going through my beatles collection, and noticing songs like 'Sexy Sadie' aren't grouped with the rest of the White Album. Is there a way to correct this?
  12. so i got an error while using Onyx to auto generate easy, medium and hard on my expert chart. Never had this happen before and ive done a fair few using this method. This has stumped me as i dont seem to have done anything differently to all the others https://imgur.com/8pApGrF
  13. I've had 1700-1800 songs working fine and I'm adding around 350 songs. The customs are mixed, some came from C3, and the other half was from DLC ripped from Xbox 360, converted into PS3. The thing is, I might have downloaded some duplicate DLC songs that I already had, would that be the cause of the problem? Or would the problem be the customs from C3? I think it's a songs.dta problem as well, I used the old one with 1700-1800 songs again and it worked, but when I used the new songs.dta with +350 songs it's freezing after pressing Play Now/Get Started Any suggestions and help would be a
  14. Hey guys!first of all sorry if this isn't the place to make this topic but i'm desperate to get these missing songs that are in the database but the links are broken . I'm looking for the full band custom of: HAKEN- The Architecht HAKEN - Cockroach king. I've seen the playthrough and is a MUST in my chart.so if u can help me i'll be so grateful.again,sorry if this is not the place of this topic
  15. Hi, so im compiling a Green Day song See You Tonight. While trying to compile in reaper i discovered DRYVOX. What do I put in this space? I have 2 vocal harmonies. I know it is probably a dumb question XD thanks!
  16. Hey guys, so I'm working on my first custom and I'm trying export it via Magma. I keep getting this error and I can't get past it ERROR: MIDI Compiler: PART KEYS: Empty track foundThis means that at least one of the difficulties for PART KEYS has no notes charted - you have to add something or MagmaCompiler will refuse to compile the song. I have an Expert Keys + Expert Pro Keys partI've added a single lane shift + 1 note to each Pro Keys difficulty to try to fix it (Have not fully charted any non-expert pro keys yet)The 5 lane/ pro tracks aren't muted I check the MIDI with the C3 CON Song A
  17. Hello so I'm getting Into RB3 Customs on the Wii Version. The problem I'm having Is getting the customs to show up In the game. I've followed the Wii RB3 Customs tutorial step by step beginning to end word for word. When I put my Sd Card Into my Wii and boot up the game. It proceeds to load then It ask me something along the lines of If I want to use the Sd Card at which point I click yes. It says please wait then the menu comes up at which point I select my profile then nothing happens. I believe after selecting your profile In the top left It's suppose have that window you know like "loading
  18. So im trying to get my customs over to rockband 3 on my ps3 i have installed ps3hen and have everything working i just cant locate the folder for the life of me :<. Thanks, Jwfeniello
  19. I was able to download 1 song just fine from the c3 download site (approximate by zappa) but any other songs through the site (including ones by the same author) I get errors loading the download saying "record too long" Any way to get past this? I'm using mozilla firefox Edit: even on chrome i get an SSL connection error, cannot download anything
  20. Então, digamos que a custom já esteja pronta para ser compartilhada com a comunidade, agora só falta partir para o último passo que é de converter para o formato CON, porém não achei nenhum tutorial direto e com precisão. é necessário usar o Reaper para isso? e o Magma se usa antes disso ou depois?
  21. Hi, I'm in need of help from someone with a lot of experience authoring Rock Band songs. I've been using this website for a while now for custom songs, and have been working to start authoring, but I haven't had time to finish a project yet. My friends and I are signed up to play Rock Band for the school talent show, and we thought it would be an awesome idea to mash-up all of our favorite songs. We've come up with a list of songs, timestamps, and transitions, but we need help actually getting all of the tracks into one song and have it sound good / be playable. Any help or even just advi
  22. Magma: C3 Roks Edition v3.3.2 ============================= Build started at 11:44 AM Starting Nemo's MIDI Validator... Everything looks good, continuing... Loading MagmaCompilerC3.exe... Reading the archive Project Compiler: Reading project 'C:\Users\kyleh\Desktop\Magma\save\bitchla.rbproj'... Project Compiler: Entering Phase 1 of 5... Metadata Compiler: Starting... Metadata Compiler: Done. Project Compiler: Entering Phase 2 of 5... MIDI Compiler: Starting... ERROR: MIDI Compiler: (MIDI FILE): Track BEAT required but not found ERROR: MIDI Compiler: (MIDI FILE): Halting val
  23. Hey guys! Today I have some half finished songs. It needs "Pro Keys" and "Harmonies". I would like to receive some help as I have too many pending customs to finish before this year ends out, as I've been very busy with university, which was very impossible to continue charting. If anyone wants to help me out, please message me for details! I'll give credit for anyone who offered to help me when I release the customs. Have a nice day!
  24. WELCOME TO THE GENERAL THREAD FOR PRO GUITAR/BASS QUESTIONS! Q: Wait, what the... Yes, those were the days that PRO Guitar/Bass charts were a privilege for the game creators (aka. Harmonix), nowadays, thanks to the Rock Band communities in general, a lot of research were made to be able to create PRO Guitar/Bass charts. Q: So, what is this thread all about? With the increasing amount of players starting to chart PRO Guitar/Bass, of course we'll expect a lot of questions since we don't have a proper PRO Guitar/Bass documentation (yet). So, here will be answered any questions about the PRO G
  25. [Don't read this part if you just want to see the problem] I already made a topic on this problem but I wrote it when I was very annoyed I couldn't find what I needed, So because of me writing it when I was mad/pissed/annoyed it was very hyperbolic and not very helpful to whoever was trying to read it. If you want to check it out it's called "Help Authoring/Making Customs". The reason I made this topic is that I wanted to redo it with as much information as possible. The other topic is still there because I don't know how to delete a topic... Now onto the problem: My main issue with trying t
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