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Found 19 results

  1. Hello, I wrote Part-Real Guitar for the extra 2nd guitar in a song, and I want to add it to the Pro-Keys Track for one of my DLC songs, and use it for personal enjoyment (not to distribute). When I transfer the content (2 files - original song and Pro Upgrade) to PC, I use the c3 con tools to bundle the original con with the upgrade. Then, I batch extract the bundled file so that i can import the midi to reaper. I choose the option for seperate tracks. But Reaper lays down almost all the tracks, except the pro guitar and bass. How can I bundle my pro-keys midi track with all DLC, inclu
  2. if I add a pro-keys track (to represent guitar #2) to an official DLC song which originally does not have that instrument track (no keys or pro-keys in the song currently), am I able to share ONLY the portion that I created without stepping on a copyright landmine? ...or is it generally understood that the entire song cannot be touched legally, even if my only goal is to complete the song, which currently lacks half of the guitar being played in the song? (song in question = Unholy Confessions - by A7X)
  3. I can't believe that this actually happened, but somehow "Juice" by Lizzo was released completely uncensored, and the n-word is therefore visible and charted. I'm questioning how this wasn't noticed before release, as Harmonix is pretty insistent on keeping the game appropriate for all demographics. Is this the first time a DLC song has been "accidentally" released uncensored in such a way? Was it really even accidental? Link to tweet relating to delisting: https://twitter.com/RockBand/status/1253395863646416904?s=20 Link to video containing the old chart (starts at 1:38, a bit before the
  4. https://www.polygon.com/2020/4/4/21208048/rocksmith-dlc-ends-ubisoft-san-francisco-ps4-pc-xbox-one Sad news in the world of Music Video Games. So in case you guys didn't hear the news, Rocksmith has ended all future dlc support for the game and will no longer receive weekly dlc packs. This ends over 8 years of DLC packs and support, starting with the original Rocksmith back in 2011. I was a big fan of Rocksmith, as it helped me a lot with learning the fundamentals of guitar, and bass. It was a great experience learning how to actually play guitar. Personally, I was upset we never got a "The
  5. I've had 1700-1800 songs working fine and I'm adding around 350 songs. The customs are mixed, some came from C3, and the other half was from DLC ripped from Xbox 360, converted into PS3. The thing is, I might have downloaded some duplicate DLC songs that I already had, would that be the cause of the problem? Or would the problem be the customs from C3? I think it's a songs.dta problem as well, I used the old one with 1700-1800 songs again and it worked, but when I used the new songs.dta with +350 songs it's freezing after pressing Play Now/Get Started Any suggestions and help would be a
  6. Hello so I'm getting Into RB3 Customs on the Wii Version. The problem I'm having Is getting the customs to show up In the game. I've followed the Wii RB3 Customs tutorial step by step beginning to end word for word. When I put my Sd Card Into my Wii and boot up the game. It proceeds to load then It ask me something along the lines of If I want to use the Sd Card at which point I click yes. It says please wait then the menu comes up at which point I select my profile then nothing happens. I believe after selecting your profile In the top left It's suppose have that window you know like "loading
  7. Hey guys, so my friend and I are fans of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and I wanted to get the BSSM album so we can play it together on Rock Band. However, I noticed that it has been de-listed from the store since 2013. Is there anyway I can still get the album via a download either here or on another site? Thanks in advance
  8. Hello. I'm having some friends coming over to play Rockband next week and I want to know how to load my paid DLC songs and my customs at the same time so I won't have to switch memories in order to play certain songs. I have an USB stick with my real Gamertag and my paid DLC, along with the RB1 export. And I have another USB stick with my fake profile, TU4 and my customs. I once managed to load all the songs at the same time, I even got RBHP working on RB2DLC along with customs and RB3DLC. Now, I plugged in both sticks, deleted TU5 from the "official" stick, loaded the game with my custom pr
  9. What is an artist you feel has way less songs on rock band (including customs) than they should? For me Id say Thousand Foot Krutch Sevendust Warren Zevon Boz Scaggs Earth, Wind & Fire The Killers Lacuna Coil
  10. Is there any main setlist song or dlc you feel are mislabeled as harder or easier than they should be? Personally I feel like certain Queen songs are mislabeled as easier than harder Queen - We Will Rock You/We are the Champions. I personally feel they are harder than they show on the difficulty, in vocals, 1 notch harder for Guitar for We Are the Champions. Any other songs you can think of?
  11. I have already tried using the search feature up top and looking through pages of topics in this forum but I can't find an answer. Is there a way to access the Rockband store with custom songs downloaded and loaded on my USB stick? Do I have to remove the stick, update to TU5, buy & download songs I want, then plug my USB stick back in? I really don't want to lose my saved stats for my songs so I'm weary to try anything on my own. Thanks for your help, and sorry, I'm very new to this.
  12. Are Wii owners screwed? we didn´t get DLC (4) and later releases so we can´t buy them oficially and C3 won´t allow a 360 owner to post those song files in here
  13. Hey y'all! I'm having some trouble with my DLC songs. None of them are working. The only things that work fine are the songs on-disc and the custom songs... Also when I create-a-character the data gets corrupted? So the whole game resets. Not sure if I'm suppose to save everything to the SD card or what. Any tips? Also, thanks for this amazing site! Enhanced so many great parties~
  14. Hello fellas.. irst at all.. much thannks for all the efforts that you guys put to this.. i play rok band very enthusiastic and im looking for the one song that is very specific it is called\ Mujer amante from the group rata blanca \https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMeDpMPaNEA
  15. Hello. I tried to install the RBHP earlier today. I failed at it (I don't even know what I did wrong) and now my DLC is not showing up. I keep my customs, TU4, an offline profile and the RBHP upgrades in a USB stick and my real gamertag and my paid DLC in another USB stick. I did upgrade my songs with Harmonies before and they worked just fine. I even had a party where I plugged in both USB sticks and I got a 900 song library. (It was awesome) I recently bought some DLC and played it with my "official" USB stick on TU5. I also played some customs on my "Custom" USB stick with TU4. Today I
  16. The last post was in January, do we no longer talk RB4 DLC releases? Or is it somewhere else?
  17. November DLC Week 1 The Hollies -Long Cool Women in a Black Dress - Iggy Pop - Lust For Life Robert Palmer - Bad Case of Loving You Week 2 Linking Park - Lying From You Audioslave - Like a Stone Godsmack - Awake Week 3 Ed Sheeran - Sing Vance Joy - Riptide Walk the Moon - Shut Up and Dance Saint Raymond -Young Bloods Week 4 Van Halen 6 Pack Hot For Teacher Dance the Night Away Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love And the Cradle Will Rock Runnin' With the Devil Unchained Best Guitar Songs The Hollies -Long Cool Women in a Black Dress - Iggy Pop - Lust For Life Linking Park - Lying From You Godsmack
  18. Hi all, just a quick post to ask for suggestions for customs or official DLC with really fun bass parts. Clearly this is subjective but for me I play bass pretty much exclusively and wondered if there was anything out there people might recommend. I'm not necessarily saying that they need to be really hard or really easy just interesting and fun to play. I'm not talking pro bass either sadly but if people want to suggest them for other readers go right ahead.
  19. The free song Young Blood surprised me awesome track on drums and guitar. Walk the Moon has to be one of the best full band songs of the week. Ed Sheeran's Sing was terrible on all three instruments, but vocals are good
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