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Found 6 results

  1. I'm pretty proud of it being my first...I completed it in less than a day, but due to issues (growing pains...), it's been delayed a few more days...thanks to massive help on the Tempo Mapping/export process from rubydanger or I would have probably given up. I love the song and band I'm releasing into the wild here, as it will be their first (but not last) one on here. The band is Moving Mountains. (Emo/Hardcore Style of Post-Rock) I'm just waiting for an Author ID for Magma/C3. How long does that typically take once requested? I'm hoping to release it on the site here soon, just doing fin
  2. Hello all, the song above, Weird Circles by Tera Melos is very unique and technical. I just began charting and I was wondering how easy ( or hard ) an experienced charter would say doing this song would be. Thanks!!
  3. Voting is over! Thanks for everyone who participated! The winner was Insomniac, stay tuned! (For future reference): Which album do you think I should work on? https://goo.gl/forms/qrRWVEh5pN3WHcUj1(This counts as a project, please choose wisely. Thanks )
  4. Hey. I recently researched how to make Clone Hero songs and watch some tutorials about Moonscraper. I have a song that I have done 25% of but I wanted to test how it played in Clone Hero so I exported it and put all the files I thought I would need in the folder, dragged and dropped it into Clone Hero but it didn't show up. So, I compared the files of a C3 custom song I had downloaded and converted using the tool and discorvered my song.ini file had WAY less information in and the information it had the same was in a different order. So I spliced together the missing parts and loaded up Cl
  5. Hello again. So, I use editor on fire. While charting the vocals for my custom Green Day song "Outlaws", I realized that my skills in pitch don't work well. So, I was wondering if someone could help me find/make the vocals for the custom track. You will receive credit for charting them if you agree. As a follow up question, I am dumb and can't get Reaper to work. So, is there anyone who could pack the song into a CON file when I am finished? Once or if someone agrees to do this for me, I will send them the link through private messaging. Thanks again for you help!
  6. Hello everyone, I wish someone could make the next song (on drums): Fenix TX - Bending over Backwards (2016) Creep Album to send the song, send a private message
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