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Found 13 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm IaSg14! After a year and a half of playing customs & about 11 months of charting customs, I've decided to finally join C3. However, as you've probably inferred from the title, I only chart for Clone Hero at the moment. You may have seen a few of my customs in the database under submissions from ataeaf (e.g. William Tell Overture (Live) - Glen Campbell, Madhouse (Original Version) - Anthrax...) with added drums and vocals but usually, my charts just contain the following: Expert Guitar Expert Bass Lyrics (Sometimes) Expert Keys Since I don't have the technical knowledge t
  2. LATEST UPDATE 11/3 - Election Day - Mastodon - Fallen Torches GUITAR: Chainsaw Octopus 2x version GUITAR: EchoOfMystery GUITAR: EchoOfMystery 2x version GUITAR: EchoOfMystery GUITAR: Sr.Moog "Sometimes" opens up their 4th studio album. Any fans who were expecting another Go, Once, or last exit were immediately kicked in the ass with this song. Sometimes seems to be about questioning occurrences in your life that are beyond your control. It seems to slide into existence instead of ex
  3. About time a made a WIP sheet. If you have any customs in the making that's on this sheet, please let me know so I can take it off. ELO - Livin' Thing - Multitracks isolated. Journey - Who's Crying Now - Multitracks currently being isolated. Elton John - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - Multitracks currently being isolated.
  4. So between the Beatles rock band and the custom's we already have, we have a lot of Beatles stuff However, we are still missing some I will have a list of the songs that i would like to see bellow if you have any interest in doing any of these songs Please Reply Here is the list I'm A Loser Penny Lane Magical Mystery Tour Got To Get You Into My Life Good Day Sunshine Please Please Me Also Some Solo Beatles Stuff John Lennon: Watching The Wheels George Harrison: What Is Life All Those Years Ago My Sweet Lord Thanks for taking a look i will
  5. New Greta Van Fleet: Pearl Jam: Red Hot Chili Peppers: Led Zeppelin: Greta Van Fleet:
  6. Could Someone Maybe Do A Few Styx Songs? Come Sail Away, Man In The Wilderness, Miss America, exct. even just one new styx song would be nice UPDATE: Gigakoops Has done a come sail away custom
  7. New songs are going to be: Audioslave - Be Yourself Incubus - Megalomaniac Incubus - Talk Shows on Mute Brownsville Station - Smokin' in the Boys Room Korn - A.D.I.D.A.S. Korn - Got the Life Hoobastank - Running Away Hoobastank - Same Direction I can't chart these songs because it's too hard for me. Someone will do the customs, right?
  8. I was wondering if anybody would do a possible 3 song McCartney pack? A strange number, perhaps, but don't wanna overload anything obviously, and these songs really deserve the treatment (note: this covers his entire career, Beatles excluded) 1. "Too Many People" off of Ram. Seriously, how this hasn't been done, official or not, is beyond me. Easily one of the best songs he has ever done. 2. "Beware My Love" off of Wings at the Speed of Sound. The album may be meh, but this song is a straight rocker with undertones of desperation and a great pace to it. 3. "Early Days' off of New. Probab
  9. Hey! I was looking through customs and noticed there is a VERY small amount of songs by Cheap Trick on here. I know there are official songs up for DLC. (I have those.) Would love to see more though. Songs like: CHEAP TRICK - 1977 Mandocello Taxman, Mr. Thief IN COLOR - 1977 Big Eyes Downed Oh Caroline Clock Strikes Ten Southern Girls So Good To See You HEAVEN TONIGHT - 1978 On Top Of The World California Man High Roller Auf Widersehen On The Radio Heaven Tonight Stiff Competition AT BUDOKAN - 1979 Lookout (Live) Ain't That A Shame (Live) DREAM POLICE - 1979 Way Of The World Gonn
  10. Hello everyone! First off I wanted to request more Janis Joplin if anyone with the talent is willing to supply the time and effort. Any song of her's will do (minus the official in-game dlc obviously) as I adore her thoroughly. Also, if you could find the time the song "Tangled Up In You" by Staind is very special to my wife and I. It would be amazing to be able to play that together (yes, I'm a sap). lol Here is a link to "Tangled Up In You" on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icb2baV9MgA Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read my request.
  11. ​Classic Rock from the 70's: ​The Eagles: "Peaceful easy feeling" ​Bachman Turner Overdrive: "Roll on down the highway" ​From the 90's: ​Bon Jovi : "In these arms" ​Johnny Lang: "Lie to me" ​All songs, great rhythm, solos and drums. ​Thanks
  12. Hi Guys, Here Are A Few Song Requests From The Band Yes Don't Kill The Whale Rythem Of Love Love Will Find A Way The Calling Perpetual Change (Ik We Have A Version Of This Song With Just Drums But Could Someone Maybe Chart It With Guitar And/Or Other instruments as well?)
  13. Louey7


    This is my first request and I randomly signed into this account I didn't know existed (thought it might have at one point). But I lurk around here a bit, just haven't posted much of, if, anything. So. Anyways my request is for more of the band Yes - Wikipedia If it is already there, sorry and if you could point me where, that would be great. Whenever I have tried to search Yes, I get a bunch of other stuff due to the common occurrence of the word (Songs I know of by them - Roundabout (RB3 song) and Gates of Delirium (custom)) Thanks
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