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Found 13 results

  1. i take way too long to make customs on my own so I would like to know if anyone is willing to collab with me on these songs I will do the drums as i play them A LOT in real life, i use rb3 to play along with my real drum set. Im fine with doing the tempo map as well but i really prefer that i didn't cuz im lazy and thats what takes forever but if you don't want to i will. also i'm fine with doing guitar or bass if there's tabs for it. But i will not do vocals or pro guitar/bass as i dont know how. MOST WANTED: - Anything by Gojira - Anything by Primus - Anything by Hum - Anything by Centaur
  2. Can anyone walking me through the process of making customs. Reaper is very confusing.
  3. As the title suggests, I'm having issues with non pitched screaming vocals. My issue is when I make long sustained unpitched notes, once I save on eof and open it back up its all reverted back to the minimum length. Of course I first tried not reopening the file in eof in case reopening the file had something to do with it but no, when I saved it and instantly converted it to a con file and tried to use it on the 360 its still the minimum length for the unpitched notes where i had made long holds of say 8 or 16 bars etc. This doesn't effect pitched but i don't really feel like pitched notes
  4. so i got an error while using Onyx to auto generate easy, medium and hard on my expert chart. Never had this happen before and ive done a fair few using this method. This has stumped me as i dont seem to have done anything differently to all the others https://imgur.com/8pApGrF
  5. So after almost 2 years of mostly inactivity, and about a year of not playing RB. I decided to get back into it and now I'm actually charting some stuff, currently my best strengths are charting drums and bass, keys and guitar I can do okay, and vocals I struggle the most with. For anyone interested, let me know if you're working on any of these or wanna collab in the future. Completed WIP Dolvondo - Insanity (G,B,K,D done, no vocals) CG5 - Love Isn't Fair (G,B,K,D done, no vocals) PLANNED
  6. I'm currently working on a fb chart of 115 by Kevin Sherwood (the song from kino der toten) and am looking for someone who could chart pitched vocals for it (most of the song is screaming but there are some pitched parts). If you would like to help please message me on discord at Yrneh#6365 so i can send you the files. So far just the drum chart is complete, but I hope to finish the guitar and bass charts fairly soon. Here's the drum chart preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mo8t9KrdNnc
  7. Hello; I've just started getting into charting so this might be a "newbie" question or issue, but one thing I'm wanting to do, mainly with a bass part I'm charting, is using open notes (i.e. notes where you hold no buttons and just strum, looks like a bar across the track). However, from the REAPERtemplates available along with the lack of any information online, it seems either that open notes don't exist for rock band or they are extremely uncommon. How would I go about charting open notes in my scenario, if I can? Is there another template online that I should use instead? For additional
  8. Hey everyone, I probably should've done this a long time ago but I got super lazy and just decided to go with the flow!! Knowing that certain people like to 'claim songs' I should probably follow in the same fashion!! Either that, or let people know what I'm working on so people can offer contributions if they'd like to!! Yeah, that sounds better!! If anyone wants to contribute their time into charting any of the songs below please make yourself known!! I'm more than happy to collaborate with people!! Any songs that have been released through this thread will be found here and the database
  9. Hi I'm new to the whole Rock Band 3 Custom scene, so I tried to upgrading a song (adding some missing notes, forcing some strums for rhythm and upgrading it to Pro guitar and bass) with Editor On Fire (EoF) For a start I extracted the .con file and JUST touched the .mid updating the guitar and bass charts, then using CON Tools I cleaned the MiDi with MIDI Cleaner and created the .con with CON Creator, I was able to load the whole thing into RB3 but when I play the song (select and instrument and difficulty) the song starts and the band is warming up then the guitar/bass icon appears and the ba
  10. So Im a novice at charting songs, been attempting to for quite some time with very little results, as obviously youve never seen a song from me yet. I use all the tools given by C3, BUT the main issue lies from where Im charting the songs. I use at the moment EOF, I was told EOF was for beginners, but its very hard to get used to because its so painstakingly tedious. Been trying it since I started. But theres also Reaper which Ive been told is a better charting program & more accurate, but its for more experienced charters. Is there an inbetween or is that most likely it? Which is th
  11. Hey everyone, I'm working on a PRO Guitar/Bass song that I want to release soon but I fear I'm charting something completely different to what is being played. Are there any PRO G/B charters out there that are able to look at my chart?? I can do reductions afterwards, I just wanna make sure the chart is good!! Thanks in advance!! GreenPanda12
  12. This is my first time charting guitar and I just need to know what do the colors mean for the guitar?
  13. I don't really play piano, so this is kind of difficult to find out. It's even worse when I want to chart orchestrated parts such as: strings, brass, all that stuff. Help with this would be greatly appreciated.
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