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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, I'm new here, and new to the customs scene really. Been playing RB since the launch of the first though. I'm having an issue with custom tracks, though. On every custom track I have played (something like 50 different ones, from different creators), I get chart/track lag where the chart seems to move slower than it should. Sometimes it almost seems like when there's a lull in the track and the chart is empty, it noticably speeds back up. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas what could be the culprit here? I've tried two completely different consoles, albeit using the same fl
  2. Hey guys, I decided to give charting a try cause I wanted to see if i could make one that was accurate and enjoyable. I added drums to one of xShamaNama's charts : (I Used To Make Out With) Medusa. I had fun charting this, though sometimes it was hard to hear what was actually played. The blast gave me a hard time and I still think its wrong https://youtu.be/wYDQ3xj8bYE Let me know how I did, and suggest thing i could improve on
  3. i take way too long to make customs on my own so I would like to know if anyone is willing to collab with me on these songs I will do the drums as i play them A LOT in real life, i use rb3 to play along with my real drum set. Im fine with doing the tempo map as well but i really prefer that i didn't cuz im lazy and thats what takes forever but if you don't want to i will. also i'm fine with doing guitar or bass if there's tabs for it. But i will not do vocals or pro guitar/bass as i dont know how. MOST WANTED: - Anything by Gojira - Anything by Primus - Anything by Hum - Anything by Centaur
  4. Hey all! How are you today? I've done work on quite a few charts I've never finished, but it's looking like my latest one may actually (eventually) get at least a first draft that I can try and have playtested. However, one hurdle still needs to be overcome: my good old nemesis, vocals. In the song, there's singing and screaming alike, which is pretty typical of metal, especially the heavier, thrashier stuff like this. The singer also has a very rough, scream-like voice as he sings, almost blurring the line. This leads into what I mean by "incidentally" pitched vocals. A lot of times, he'l
  5. Hey Everyone! I am new here, and new to the charting scene, and my first chart was a doozy for sure. What I'd like is some feedback to see if there is any way I can improve the chart and make it the next big challenge that everyone wants to FC. Things like: -If it's accurate -If it's fair -If it's fun -If it's challenging enough/too challenging -If it captures the spirit of the band I also made custom made the lights and video effects and animations for the chart, so any feedback on those would be nice too. Anyway, here is the chart! Enjoy! http://customscreators.com/index.php?/page/i
  6. So Im a novice at charting songs, been attempting to for quite some time with very little results, as obviously youve never seen a song from me yet. I use all the tools given by C3, BUT the main issue lies from where Im charting the songs. I use at the moment EOF, I was told EOF was for beginners, but its very hard to get used to because its so painstakingly tedious. Been trying it since I started. But theres also Reaper which Ive been told is a better charting program & more accurate, but its for more experienced charters. Is there an inbetween or is that most likely it? Which is th
  7. I want to make the song "Go Robot" for rock band, but I find it wayyyy to hard to chart vocals. I don't even know how to do it and how to add lyrics, and the mouth, etc. Anyone willing to do it?
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