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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm now starting to complete my first songs (one has been uploaded to database so far, Moving Mountains - The Cascade...two more pending...) I've noticed only the drummer is animated which I used the F9 script/tools for "drum animations", I have a beat map of course...the rest of the band stands around basically picking their noses. Is that normal for drum only tracks or is there a way to give the band some general playing animations? What button do I choose in that F9 suite of programs for this or do I leave it alone? Thanks.
  2. I upgrade the keys on RB songs and when I play keys, the animations spread everywhere. How do I fix this issue?
  3. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone of you know the name of these directed cuts: https//youtu.be/fPnujKyDWDM?t=1m20s (Vocalist and guitarist) I tried [directed_duo_guitar] but that's not it. It IS [directed_duo_guitar]. youtu.be/RL1stkO2kIs?t=1m6s (Leaning forward, doing something with one hand) I tried [directed_vocals_cls], no luck. It actually was [directed_vocals_cls]. I'm making a really laid back custom (Soft Place To Land, by Sara Bareilles), so that's why I need less over-the-top animations. Extra question: How do I get the band to stop moving around? I want them to play kind of
  4. Hi, everyone! First post here in the forums. I'm making a custom of "The Greatest Show" from the movie The Greatest Showman and I'm doing the venue. I want to use the third animation from this video (The Goofy Gallop). https://youtu.be/z2hkqf29DBQ?t=21s I know that's from RB2 but I swear I've seen it in RB3. Does anyone know the name of that animation? Thanks.
  5. Hey I'm working on adding lighting mannually adding lighting and such to my Venue and I'm not sure if i missed reading it in the docs or in the tutorial.pdf but how do I make the band jump? I've seen other customs where some people have the band jump all together at a certain part how can I do that?
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