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Found 11 results

  1. Okay, I apologize if this is already known knowledge and I am exaggerating my discovery. After having a heck of a time organizing my song library and just downright being annoyed that I couldn't create my own on TU4, I did some digging. Digging into the Rock Band 3 game files on xbox, I stumbled upon a file that seemed useful to me. This file was a dtb format so I used Nemo's handy tool to convert it to dta. I began using this file to search for the known tags like: 'rb1' 'rb2' 'lego' 'ugc' 'greenday' 'dlc' I was very excited to learn that the file showed exactly what code would generate
  2. Yesterday and the day before, I tried to connect to the Xbox Rock Band Store both through the music store app downloaded and straight from the RB3 game and it said that the music store is offline, please try again later. I attempted this with Title Update 5 and my internet connection tested fine; is this happening with anybody else?
  3. Hi, I am having trouble with DLC on RB3 (xbox).My DLC songs (about 73) were working fine until I added about three more songs from my computer. Then about 2/3 of my library stopped appearing (both in game and in the Xbox storage menu).I know they haven't been deleted because they all show up on my PC.I've tried searching on Google but no one else seems to have this problem.
  4. I have a RGH/JTAG modded Xbox 360 an I would like to know how to install custom songs. I did on TBRB but I don't if it's the same process on RB3.
  5. If anyone charts this mainly the drums and guitar for Xbox 360... You'll be my favorite person
  6. Hey Everyone, I'm posting to see if anyone has a completed (or close to complete) save file for RB3 on the 360 that they would be willing to share. I've looked everywhere online but can't seem to find one. My friends and I love messing around with the character creator in RB3 while we play but there's a ton of content locked behind either pro instruments that I don't own or crazy achievements that would take forever to unlock. You can export your save file using RBtoUSB in C3ConTools, it shows up under package name "Rock Band 3" and file name "band3". If you export that file you can copy
  7. Hi everyone, I'm ReignDoe and here's my FULL BAND collabs and customs song thread and hope you guys enjoy it!! Well, you can see it doesn't contains so much content, but I will update as soon as I got a custom for you Special thanks to Mati12Osorio for helping me doing this X360 conversions and also fixes. Arch Enemy - Avalanche Arch Enemy - Mechanic God Creation Arch Enemy - Silverwing (2009 Version) Arch Enemy - The Eagle Flies Alone Dethklok - I Ejaculate Fire Epica - Consign to Oblivion Megadeth - A House Divided Megadeth - Forget to Re
  8. I know this has probably been beaten to death, but here are all my music based games. I have what I believe is all the Rockband games and packs. I have never imported any content to my console besides customs. I don't even know which games I could still import or did Xbox shut that whole thing down. Can anyone guide me to be able to import as much of these as I can?
  9. Are Wii owners screwed? we didn´t get DLC (4) and later releases so we can´t buy them oficially and C3 won´t allow a 360 owner to post those song files in here
  10. Recently when I started opening the game only roughly half of my customs have actually been loaded into the game. The rest are still on my USB, but the Xbox doesn't see them. The USB is nowhere near full. Any ideas why this can be?
  11. Hello! I recently started to get custom songs on rock band 3, and i'm having so much fun. Once I set it all up, I remembered I had to install title update 4. So I did. The problem: I can't use title update 4 if my xbox is connected to the internet. Like I would install it, and then if I open rock band 3, it gets deleted and replaced with title update 5 (unusable for customs). The only fix I have is disconnecting it from the internet, but I want to play the game and use online play at the same time. If I want to do online play or go to the music store, I have to go to the hassle of taking out t
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