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  1. Hey, Banshee, any news on the Token log in situation?
  2. Hello! I go by the name of Jack, and I've been charting songs for almost a year and a half. I have been playing Rock Band ever since it was known as Guitar Hero II. I tend to put a lot of care into my customs, detailing animations and custom venue tracks. I'm not one to overchart songs, but I tend to bend the rules a little to make more authentic experiences, specially in guitar tracks. Sadly I do not make harmonies nor keys tracks. I have no experience playing either instrument, and I don't want to make an unplayable mess of charts. I'll be incredibly thankful if someone would like to co
  3. Oh, apologies, my bad. Yeah, now we wait. Don't think it would be too long, but since I actually upload them here, I hope I'll be the first one lol. Thanks for your response
  4. How did you manage to log into the db? I have a couple of songs to upload
  5. https://youtu.be/3ER6kEP_QZs?t=174 For example, this fragment of "Little Guitars", by Van Halen; specifically, the green note and the gems that follow. In Rock Band, how should that part be charted? I feel that just charting them as single notes doesn't capture the true feel of letting a string/note ring My idea: Translate that to chords. For every other note that appears during the sustain, add a green gem as well, effectively making a chord that, while it is not, would make the player hold the fret as they play the other parts.
  6. First of all, thank you all for your replies! No, that's not really what I wanted to do Yes, this is what I'm trying to accomplish, to make the player hold that button while other notes are being played, kind of like GH:M did with the intro of One. And not just necessarily with lower frets, but also with higher notes, as if the guitarrist let the highest string ring. I'm asking to see if there's some standard or unwritten rule among the community that goes against it This is a bit helpful, although what I'm trying to chart is not a chord per se: it's a set of notes (strin
  7. Yes, I understand that. What I'm trying is not an overlap, but rather to "build a chord" to make the player hold the button while other notes are playing, like the first three notes in the image.
  8. Hello, guys, I'm working on a guitar track, and I came across an issue that has pretty much been haunting me since I began charting. I'll be brief. What tends to be the standard regarding "letting notes ring" (think the intro of Def Leppard's Hysteria). What I'm trying to accomplish is something that was done in the latest Guitar Hero's, where the player holds one fret while still playing other notes that are not chords. Here's the example (sorry for the link, the image won't appear otherwise): https://imgur.com/a/0pt7kXT The notes in question are BYR. As you can see, the first three notes
  9. RB drum charts (at least the first games ones) have always been more fun to me than GH's. Perhaps RB "Painkiller" had the kick notes all wrong, but GH "Painkiller" is just boring. Also, I have never been a fan of the drumrolls because they're way too easy, and GHs are very bad in that aspect, they make a challenging part a piece of cake. I'd rather play the exact notes (for the most part). Check "Bodhisattva". Quite the contrary with the guitar charts, in which GH is the winner. I'm a sucker for overcharting (to a certain degree), and with the exception of some songs, GH intention of highlig
  10. Thanks for your replies! I'll update if everything turns out correctly Edit: Okay, using the C3 CON tools, I successfully replaced the MIDI file, and everything worked out correctly. I made sure to delete the previous file from the X360 before adding the new one. Thanks for your help!
  11. Good afternoon, gentlemen. I'm working on a RB2 custom I found in the database (Burn, to be precise), and the first time I work with Magma v1. Actually, I think it's worth noting that I first converted the RB3 custom to RB2 using the Onyx tool, so that I could do less work (my bad). I modified the MIDI file to correct a few details in the charts, and when I began to compile with Magma v1, it threw me this error: ERROR: MIDI Compiler: c:/users/l_arm/downloads/rock band authoring stuff/songs/burn/o410740960.mid (EVENTS): [section main_riff_1a] at 3:1:000 does not have a valid section name ER
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