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  1. The database is up and running as far as uploading songs which is all you really need as far as basic functionality.. Currently there's no reason not to use it to upload songs for the 10th anniversary (or any other release).
  2. This isn't really the place for requests. Please use the proper requests topic.
  3. Unfortunately there's not an easy way to get a venue that you want - definitely one of the few features I wish was in the game. Some users seem to have found a way to kind of make it work but I'll defer to them for the process.
  4. No you don't need to have TU5 to play official DLC. I'm not sure what's going on in this case off the top of my head but you can play customs, DLC, and exports on TU4.
  5. Still working on hammering out all the main bugs with the system, then we'll focus on getting features working. Farottone and FujiSkunk have been working hard to get this new DB set up for you folks. Thank you all for your patience!
  6. There's an announcement at the top of the forum page that explains Invision changed their layout which broke the Database so we're working on getting it back up. Thanks for your patience!
  7. Don't worry my friend, I haven't forgotten about it. naginaljj and I are still working on finishing it up!
  8. I remember at one point you shared some photos from a few races you went to. Those were really cool. That Mustang is gorgeous.
  9. Yeah sorry Dangus, we don't allow hobbies here. Some really awesome stuff! I'll have to add my own to this at some point. Maybe we can persuade Nemo to contribute some of his work as well...
  10. I would like to point out that you don't need to ever worry about how much it "fits" Rock Band. If you like the song and you want to chart it, you're free to do so. You might catch some grief from people but ultimately it doesn't matter. It's your custom and your hobby, you chart what is fun for you. If someone doesn't agree with it or like it, they don't have to download it. As far as I actual charting process, I'd agree with Pike's approach.
  11. Nice! Not working on anything new from them so we're good there haha. "The Sound", "She's American", and "Love It if We Made It" are the ones I'm working on (with a few collaborators).
  12. Thank you so much folks, this is an awesome release and an excellent way to celebrate the anniversary!
  13. Thanks for the update Scott! The StrumFix bars are praised heavily among the community - your work is much appreciated!
  14. Congrats on your first custom! Let me know if you plan on doing more 1975, I have a few songs I'm working on at the moment.
  15. What brendan said. We disabled the rating system because it was being abused. Constructive comments are more helpful anyway.
  16. Good list. Make sure you check other WiPs before starting anything. I've got some Halo stuff planned myself.
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