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  1. Wooooow, "Carrocinha de cachorro quente" *_* Very beautiful! Thank you!!!
  2. Every time I see your username I ask myself when will I open the customs database and find a song by Rogério Skylab authored by you
  3. I agree with the guy in the post above! But I will leave a request for the next Massacration song... Evil Papagali please!!!! I remember there was a Frets on Fire chart around some years ago...
  4. Não gosto de nenhum dos artistas que o OP postou hahaha mas seria legal ter mais música brasileira sim. Eu votaria pra algo do Raul Seixas. Translation: I don't like any of the artists that the OP posted hahaha but it would be nice to see more brazilian music. I would vote for some songs by Raul Seixas.
  5. +1, even though I'd prefer seeing rock in Portuguese XD
  6. Nice! Thank you, dude. Cheers from Brazil.
  7. Hello... I saw that there are guitar and bass charts for all the DT's "twelve step suite" songs, and maybe drums.... but I miss the vocal charts More specifically, the songs which doesn't have vocals are the first three (The Glass Prison, This Dying Soul, The Root of all Evil). Repentance and The Shattered Fortress are complete. Thank you in advance
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