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  1. My RB3 Wii is still offlline. I tried asking my question at #rb-peer-support and got no answer. Was it the right place ?
  2. Hello Folks, I have the same question as the OP, but a little different problem. I'm playing RB3 on my Wii (PAL euro zone), and it seems I can't connect to the servers anymore. The Wii says the connexion is OK when I test it, so I'm not sure where the problem is. Does anyone with my config can still play online and see the leaderboards ? In a way, I'm surprised the online worked until a month ago !
  3. I'm not sure I can do anything in Audacity with my mogg files. The 3 songs I have problem with look like some random sound of around one second, I can't hear the music. Maybe the moggs are encrypted as Alternity said.
  4. I saw this tutorial, but thanks for your help. I tried various things with no success. My mogg file in audacity is around half a second and when I used it anyway and followed the process, the song did not appear in the Wii. I opened other mogg files from songs I have and played, some look normal and some are the same random sound.
  5. I downloaded and opened RockBiink, but I don't know what to do with it. Does not seem to work with a con file... ? I'll see if I can do something with Magma and the converted files, but I'm completely new with it and not sure that's the correct method.
  6. Hello everyone, I have the same problem with a few songs from the C3 database (for example Antisocial-Trust or Is it any wonder-Keane) and no idea how to fix it. Can someone help me ?
  7. Hi everyone, I was thinking of subscribing in order to asking for help, but I finally made the custom songs work ! So I wanted to give my feedback, maybe to understand what went wrong or to help future players. Sorry, my english is not perfect but I think you'll understand. I was planning to use my RB3 PAL DVD and launch the customs from a SD card. I read carefully the guide on the first page, did some trials and errors and installed the homebrew channel, the wads and created some bin files. It went good until I got the mention "Additionnal content could not be written in the wii memory" on
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