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  1. Did you install the RBN pack? It also sets up several custom actions with hotkeys, including the one that uses Q to set a new measure with correct BPM. Perhaps REAPER's default action does something else that's causing this.
  2. 64-bit REAPER is now an option, with MFX' recent beta release of a 64-bit RBN Preview Plugin. CAT works too, with 64-bit Python 2.7.x.
  3. Only load the first half of your customs and see if the problem occurs. If yes, it's in that half, so load up the first half of that and test again. If not, it must be in the second half, so load up the first half of that and test. Each time, you should cut down the amount of possible customs with mistakes in half, so it's a quick way to find the culprit. Hope that helps. Of course, if there is more than one culprit, it will take a bit longer to find them all. Do it all from the top as many times as you need.
  4. Try the binary search method to quickly find the culprits.
  5. Accented characters get messed up a bit because of the default encoding the pack creator uses. If you set that to ANSI instead of UTF-8, it should work. You can also fix it manually if you encode songs.dta from the pack in ANSI, then enter the correct artist names (and song names, albums etc.), save the file and paste it back into the pack CON file.
  6. I'll happily take a look at them. It's good to use the game's isolated guitar recordings, however, as even official tab books can contain mistakes.
  7. You can import it into REAPER, drag the event away from 1.1.000 and export it again. Should fix it.
  8. Are you running Title Update 4? Customs don't work with Title Update 5, unless your console is modded. If it still won't work, there's something wrong with the custom you're using. You could use C3 CON Tools' Quick DTA Editor and see if anything looks wrong.
  9. Deleting your song cache should do it, at the risk of losing some of your scores one last time, if you replace all non-wipe proof song ID's with proper numerical wipe-proof song ID'd at once. Changing the smallname also requires repacking the song, such that the internal folder structure matches the new smallname. It's quite a lot of work and I would not recommend it. Magma can bulk replace song ID's. Delete your song cache afterwards and all should work.
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