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  1. I'd love to collab with people on Monkees. The whole discography, if I could. If the opportunity shows itself, I'd participate.
  2. Ya need this https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rock-Band-3-MIDI-PRO-Adapter-for-PS3-PS4-Midi-Cable-Great-Condition/133433485654?hash=item1f11416956:g:0osAAOSwgMde3tlt
  3. I was looking into getting that song re-charted, but I'd need somebody willing to do tempo map/standard instruments, and permission from the original author.
  4. NAAV AND BATTLEPENGUIN PRESENTING... One of the most iconic theme songs in the 80s and 90s is finally playable in Rock Band 3 in a brand new, high quality format! Although standard instruments (besides drums) are nothing to write home about, the harmonies will definitely get your nostalgia party belching to this hit. POWER RANGERS! Come on, who doesn't instantly bang their head when they hear the intro playing? Not to mention the wicked guitar solo in the beginning. You're getting the full version of this great theme song! Alright, alright, you caught us.
  5. You're not allowed to discuss piracy of officially released DLC in these forums. Read the rules.
  6. I know. We really wanna continue this project too, but real life has been in the way, and othet Rock Band-related projects have been keeping us busy. The rest of the Blurryface album has been charted. It's just a matter of fixing them to a point in which they're releasable. In terms of the first two albums, there's a lot to work on. Trust me when I say it's coming, just wait on it.
  7. I'm assuming that you want to make a vocals-only custom. Easy enough. Assuming you know the resources you need to author and whatnot, just chart vocals only and compile that. Make sure to add "#" at the end of every syllable to make it a talkie. If you want to turn off vocals, you don't necessarily need multitracks, but at least an instrumental and acapella. If you don't know how to do any of that, this might help: http://customscreators.com/index.php?/topic/8997-list-of-all-authoring-stuff-reaper-magma-tutorials-etc/ Good luck!
  8. Not technically, if you do it right. Not gonna get into that though. If you're really interested, just look it up. Don't discuss it here.
  9. Unfortunately, the export license for LRB songs has expired. There's no way to get them legally.
  10. 86. December 22nd, 10PM EST-04:00 CET Blurryface 3-pack by maotico Heavydirtysoul Hometown We Don't Believe What's On TV The next release for the C3thon is another twenty one pilots pack! This three-pack has some really kickin' tunes for any pilots fan. Enjoy. Do you like this release? Awesome! If you would have downloaded this release even if it was paid DLC, please donate 90 cents per song to the Make-A-Wish foundation, well be forever grateful! Song count so far: 285 The next author up at December 23rd, 6AM EST-12:00 CET is atupomaruru. Tell her what you cherish most. Give her
  11. 5. November 25th, 10PM EST-04:00 CET Luis Fonsi feat. Daddy Yankee Single by maotico Luis Fonsi feat. Daddy Yankee - Despacito (Remix) (feat. Justin Bieber) The next release for the C3thon is none other than the best song of Summer 2017! Featuring the guy who sang "Gasolina" and that other guy that hasn't hit puberty yet, this song finds its way into all radios and people's ears which forces them all to learn Spanish. This song is a killer on vocals and has a nice intro solo for the guitar to shine for around 5-10 seconds. Other than that, it's a definitely a great party song to
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