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  1. The discord invite link at the top of the new database notice is invalid.
  2. I'm having trouble with a couple of the links. Namely, Paralytic States points to Black Me Out, which itself is a broken link. And Black Me Out links to nothing. I'm also getting an "xml error" for invalid key with Transgender Dysphoria Blues. I managed to find Paralytic States in the database, but it gave the same xml error.
  3. Thanks for the Green Day tunes! I tried to download your Platypus (LOVE that song) from the song database, and it seems to be a broken link? I try to download from here and am given an XML file error. It looks like things have changed a lot since my last visit! I came looking for this thread hoping to find a different link, but just see the images. Any idea why that link might not be working? Thanks!
  4. I just wanted to make a post to say thanks. I've known about customs for a while...I *learned* expert difficulty rhythm games from Frets on Fire, and later, FoFiX. I was a die-hard fan of Rock Band after growing tired of the limitations of FoFiX, and some rather immature (on my part) and heated discussions between myself and the Phase-Shift folks. Retired the Xbox 360 Wireless adapter for my PC and bought a console and RB2. 1,500 bought songs and a few years later, I was bummed when we lost DLC...Luckily C3 filled that void for me a few months ago. Thanks for keeping the game going for m
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