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  1. Thanks you muchly, AJFOne23. Not being familiar with Mastodon, I didn't even bother looking at that, and now I feel rather stoopid... especially with Rufus in the title - I should have been a little curious. I did try to wade through the soundtrack, but couldn't pick it out. Now having been helped, 'obviously' it's Mastodon, lol. Thank you for taking the time to answer, and obviously thank you for making the song which I now 'need' to squeeze into the Wii somehow. Looks like I'll be firing up the Wii
  2. Had no idea how much fun it was going to the movies until we couldn't! Anyway, being of an age when the first 2 movies were current, and were 'most excellent', I was looking forward to this and wasn't disappointed when the wife & I got to see it last night. The soundtrack wasn't particularly to my taste (eg there's no 'Play With Me' or 'God Gave Rock & Roll to You'), but there was one track, when the SWAT truck is leaving Hell that got my attention. I've tried to find out what it is and failed. Anyone, please?
  3. Thank you for going to the effort. About time I gave it a bash, I guess. Tend to think I'm on struggle street for a bit, but one thing I have noticed is the help dished out to members by members. Just one quick question - how do you pick an 'easy' song to start with? I don't want to wreck something I really, really like, but nor do I want to use up all my 'creativity' (this assumes I have some and don't give up at the first hiccup) on something bland! The band in question is the Anti-Nowhere League, bit sparse in the database..
  4. Hi, if you do fix it up, I'd like to see it available also. Cheers
  5. Anti-Nowhere League, Body Count, Wednesday 13 & all the 80's I can cram in, Adam Ant, The Sex Pistols & Bad Religion In between setting up a Plex server to work with Alexa Be safe all
  6. Just had a quick look through your spreadsheet - Everything About You has already been done. Cheers
  7. +1 to the Steel Panther songs (esp Death to all but Metal). Updates to Def Leppard appreciated, thank you
  8. To Hell with the Devil is most appreciated! Good hair metal is still good hair metal. 30 years + ago? Ouch, feeling my age - I remember it first time round...
  9. Hi alucardla Thanks to you and Stack for the answers. That sounds like hell! And thanks to Stack also. Since my original post, I have noticed a lot more songs that will 'fit' with my people. So, I reckon another Wii is the way forward. I actually picked one up for next to nothing, due to the fact someone left it too close to the heater and it got a bit melted (surface damage only). We are spoiled for choice these days, for which I am truly grateful. Cheers all
  10. I second that, thank you. And thank you all for the rest of the tunes also!
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