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  1. i was able to get my token key by simply messaging farottone. he kindly and promptly took care of it. the guy is awesome anyways if you need your key more then likely youre going to have to message an admin for now. good luck
  2. has my song uploading privileges been revoked? my sign in token is no longer available in my profile thanks
  3. well it doesn't matter much and shouldn't have to tell someone hey give me credit for my work. they should know better. and have the decency to do so. that's the problem with people they take but don't give especially when its free. between this and losing my hearing for 2 months I haven't authored a custom in 6 months I have no plans on making any more any time soon. the past 8 months has not been very kind to me as far as this thread it can be locked and deleted. as it doesnt really matter to me anymore just let it go.
  4. I'd let you go but youre always in the way I'm the damage done your scars of yesterday
  5. just alittle update. thought i had a cold which ended up being an infection that spread from my sinus to my lungs to my ears. on the road to recovery now and hopefully be back to normal by the end of the week.
  6. ok cool that actually makes sense. I wasnt part of the discord at the time. thank you for that response
  7. i just find it odd there has never been an issue with original file uploaded and i monitor the downloads for several days after initial release. then a year later the file magically doesnt exsist? with no known issue prior to that.not arguing with you just saying what i have observed and seen.
  8. thats what i thought but that isnt the case when the song records show me how many times its been downloaded already when i first released it. so its not an upload error. even more so considering i uploaded the same con i originally uploaded i dont know man somethings off
  9. thats cause i reuploaded it already..... otherwise itd still give the same error. heres a recent comment from a user
  10. i keep get messages about how the link dont work. when i go to download it gives this error. this has now happened 2 customs ive uploaded to c3u gunna rebuild the songs and reupload but why are the songs erroring out?
  11. i still have all 3 of my ps3's lol dont use em much besides for recording video or playing mgo or retroarch mainly ps4 rdr2 division and my vita to play retroarch lmao furious666 - psn
  12. hey man how its going :)yeah see thats the problem im torn with. im guessing there no right or wrong way forward. some people will be happy its charted and some will be fine playing the rhythm. i have a parametric eq hooked to my system so prolly just going to tweek the freq until i can here it or use what fuggnutz suggested. and if i still cant get it just going to do the rhythm and move on.
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