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  1. Hey, thanks for posting these songs. They bring back so many memories when I played the songs from their original games. Though I really don't mean to be the pickiest one around here, but do you mind if I pick up one of these tracks? I was thinking about making these full band and thought about converting these to Rock Band 2 with the two instruments as the bases.
  2. So I was thinking of using a track from Clone Hero which is Raw Dog by The Last Vegas. I plan on converting/charting the rest of the chart. Anything I should do to convert these tracks? I use Onyx, btw. Also, I got the chart from Guitar Hero 2.
  3. Thanks! Sorry about how I was gone. My computer had to have an update all day yesterday. It was kind of slow and I thought I would've lost my computer. I will see what I can do.
  4. Thanks! So I converted some songs, and I have some logs if you wanna see them. Do you mind if I PM you some songs?
  5. Hey, so I got the Rock Band 2 custom to work using the RB3 customs. As I click on the song it gets stuck on the loading screen before I get a chance to play. I used Onyx btw. Edit: The song will play in Practice Mode, but I wanna try getting it to play in Quickplay as well.
  6. Okay, so as funny as this will sound since I don't know if people play with customs on Rock Band 2, but I am trying to see if I can convert a RB3 song for RB2. Here is the tutorial I am trying to follow: This is the problem I get: Build started at 1:37 PM. Reading the archive Project Compiler: Reading project 'F:\Guitar Hero Stuff\Rock Band 2\Extreme - Play With Me\ExtremePlayWithMe.rbproj'... Project Compiler: Entering Phase 1 of 6... Metadata Compiler: Starting... Metadata Compiler: Done. Project Compiler: Entering Phase 2 of 6... MIDI Com
  7. Honestly, I'd play this with full band!
  8. I am having trouble viewing the database.
  9. I'm actually surprised this song ain't in the game. They should've at least made it into a bonus song. But besides that, I'd be happy to hear this in the game as a song to play.
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