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  1. hi there. it's been a while. as to why that is and what i've been up to, i'll explain soon, but for now i have a quick announcement. Neil Cicierega, comedian/multimedia artist/weird internet guy extraordinaire, just released stems for the entirety of his band Lemon Demon's newest album, Spirit Phone. some of you may remember that i had a Lemon Demon pack in the works a while ago, and as it happens one of the tracks in it is from Spirit Phone. without saying too much else: expect new customs from me soon.
  2. i have a big release planned for sometime in the next few weeks, which includes that song. hang in there...
  3. the two Death Note songs are in my sights but someone else will probably get to them first. there's still a ton of others from Bu-ikkikaesu that i really want to chart, though. for BSC, i'm not sure, but i know i'll do at least one song from Mozaiq. and as for CTE, you can expect Take It or Leave It (with full multis!) this weekend, and hopefully more in the future.
  4. a bunch of people have been having this issue, along with some folks not being able to play it in-game. i'm working on a V2 with the multis Oreo sent me, so hopefully the issues will be fixed in that version.
  5. hold up, there's multis? i only knew of an acapella. i'd love to have those; i'll rechart whatever i need to and upload a V2 at some point.
  6. May 28 - White Town and Chromeo i have a really bad habit of jumping between projects as i grow bored working on the same thing for too long. over the last month this has resulted in me getting a lot accomplished, but not much actually ready for release. i do, however, have these two songs to show that i have in fact been doing things. first is one-hit wonder White Town's "Your Woman"; a song you probably never thought you'd see in Rock Band, but here it is. second is electro-funk duo Chromeo's breakout single in the US, "Jealous (I Ain't With It). both of these songs have challenging, funky
  7. May 1 - Sugar Ray 3-pack so it's been a while! since i had new stuff in my own thread, that is. for anyone who missed it, i helped out farottone with a big Yes release last week. go check it out over in his House of Customs thread. but this week i'm back with more Sugar Ray! kind of. i'm not very good with checking to see if someone's already done something i'm working on, so i ended up with customs of Fly and Someday that were a bit unnecessary. fortunately, i'd charted some things the other folks (Nunchuck and Sygenysis) hadn't, and Sy was kind enough to work with me on Frankensteining our
  8. i would love to do Roxette, but i have so much other stuff that i want to do and can only do so much of. it's definitely on my radar, though.
  9. keep it if you want. the rule C3 has is more about continuing to distribute customs of officially-released songs than having the customs in the first place.
  10. PIK and i are working on The Hit, as well as 6969 by NSP.
  11. damn, that looks awesome. there never seem to be Rock Band events this good anywhere even remotely near me...maybe i'm just not looking hard enough.
  12. thanks. definitely gonna check this out.
  13. ooh, that sounds interesting. know where i might be able to find it?
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