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  1. this new database is absolute shit. please go back to the old one.
  2. would like to add this song to my requests. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Twel4NdB7A hideyuki ono x 96 x yoshihiko kozuka - LEMON AND SALT this song would be fun as hell on every instrument!
  3. Would LOVE to be able to play some of these songs on rb drums! Jimmy Weckl - Tengu Mutsuhiko Izumi - Model DD5 Mutsuhiko Izumi - Model FT3 Trick Trap - Silver Star https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGZRYyewcqs Maoki Yamamoto - Mind Eruption I think these songs would an absolute BLAST to play on rb. If anyone gets around to making these, I love you.
  4. Someone charted almost all of TFOT's songs on all instruments for FoF. Would anyone be willing to convert them for RB3? http://symphonygoin.blogspot.com/2011/01/fall-of-troy-frets-on-fire-songs.html
  5. I think this song would make a great song to play on rock band. It features a really energetic drum track (as with all the other instruments on the song)
  6. Helvetia - Summer Helvetia - RyBro Helvetia - Old, New Bicycle Mr. Elevator & the Brain Hotel - Nico Superchunk - Saving my Ticket
  7. I think Hum is a band that should be in Rock Band. Here are some songs that I think would be a blast to play "Stars" "Iron Clad Lou" "I'd Like Your Hair Long"
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