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  1. Noob response, I know...when the usb drive is loaded, where can I find the delete cache option? Thanks.
  2. It seems to happen infrequently as well as recently...not all songs downloaded will show in game when I grab some each month, I always go to recently acquired and sometimes they aren't there, but are downloaded when I search by artist. Strange.
  3. About 20 or so of my recent downloads have not shown up and do not load into the game when starting up. Plenty of space on the usb, redownloaded and tried replacing...no dice. Any reason why downloading songs from the new interface may not be operative yet? Thanks.
  4. Finally fired up RB4 on the Xbox one and tested out the vocals; was really hoping my dynamic mics with Block heads dongle would work, but only worked infrequently, mostly not recognizing at all. So my question is what are the Mic options other than the cheap usb RB, Logitech, Konami, etc. mics? Has anyone had any luck with xlr to usb cable mics working with RB4?
  5. There's a Corduroy live version floating around because I have it...just don't recall where I found it. Can't believe no one has tackled VS. That's the PJ at their best.
  6. Gotta have vocals...I mean come on.
  7. Yea...I noticed that. I also found out that you need to go into the packs to dl the tracks that you specifically purchased within the packs. Really want my previously exported stuff tho.
  8. So I broke down and purchased RB4 for my Xbone (for $41 on eBay...cheap already) Just wondering if anyone has any timeframes on export keys or when perhaps all of my dlc will be available in the store. I did the tedious process of re-downloading a single at a time, but it seems many dlc songs are still missing.
  9. If you could add vox to the Zepplin and Floyd I'd consider you a God.
  10. Great song...please more PJ...Daughter, Dissident, and Elderly Woman...would be much appreciated.
  11. Can you please work out your violation with Mediafire so we can get Bryan Adams' 'Cuts Like a Knife back?
  12. I think you should hold off on the RB stage kit, as it is way overpriced now and doesn't really pack much of a punch. I've purchased many different alternatives and found that my Hexolight 6000 x 2, a decent fogger with a remote, a laser light(cheap $15 ebay) next to the fogger, and one of these (less than $10) will more than emulate the RB stage kit...it will blow it away at a much cheaper rate. I set up the 2 Hexolights in vertical towers next to the TV and front speakers, set them to pick up the beat, place the fogger out of the way and have the lasers placed high angled down to catch t
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