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  1. AC/DC co-founder and guitarist Malcolm Young died at age 64 on Nov. 18, 2017, following a three-year battle with dementia. The best Rhythm Guitarist to ever live ! We will miss you Malcolm, He will be Shaking Heaven all Night Long !
  2. Thanks for the Faster Pussycats & Bullet Boy songs. Great Hair Metal Bands ! Appreciate the great tunes
  3. Welcome back guys. I vote for #1 great pick...... Thanks to you both for your hard work & time. Much appreciated.
  4. Sorry to hear of Gord passing. R.I.P. Gord !! I've loved the Tragically Hip since my teen years which has been a few years ago. like 40 of them ! Canada has lost a great Vocalist.
  5. Usually any Boss song is good. Agree not his best work But it's the Boss !! So I vote for # 2
  6. Hey guys wanted to stop by & say Thanks for the Dr. Mastermind, Dio & Johnny Cash. It's been an awesome Shocktober already ! Can't wait for more. ​As always appreciate your hard work each week & great songs you share with us. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!!
  7. AJ, Thanks for Hell song. Awesome song. I'll give it a play as soon as I figure out how to get my snare working again on E kit. Appreciate your great work & kindness of sharing with us.
  8. My 1st vote goes to that fine young girl in the Mellencamp video ! Tough choice but I'll have to vote for #1 because of that fine young thing in the video + I like the song also.
  9. Thanks for your awesome work Beard. Blind - Korn is great song ! Good luck to your Indians ! I hope they Spank the yanks
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