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  1. I'm pretty sure the staffs are working hard and fast as possible to update the database.
  2. Don't worry man. I'm in the same boat.
  3. Rock Band 3 is one of the biggest music game that bring people together. Without customs and TU#4...this game wouldn't be around up to this day. It is the perfect game for customs and pro-mode. RB3 read THE2020s, THE2030s, THE2040s, and so on. No matter what how old this game is...it does awesome things. ROCK BAND 3 FOREVER!!!
  4. Try sell both guitars and buy something or instrument you don't have for RB3. RB4 was nothing to me. I'm pretty sure RB5 won't be good either.
  5. I started music back in late 90s and in 2005, Guitar Hero introduce me into more bands I never heard off. RB3 is pretty a musical game to me. I don't care if the players are better than me. I like playing songs that are fun. If I sell my Rock Band stuff, I will regret it. Now, we have customs. That mean I can spend money on other things like clothes, food, merchandise, etc. I don't need to spend money on RB3 anymore.
  6. Clone Hero, Strikeline, Rock Band 3, and Phase Shift will be the future of rhythm games because everything is on there. I was questioning this: "Why owning separate Guitar Hero and Rock Band games? I can just sell them and keep Rock Band 3 for Xbox 360 that has songs all-in-one game." I sold all my GH/RB game and kept Rock Band 3/Clone Hero with all 7 instruments. I don't even need to buy RB4 at all.
  7. Yeah me too. Even custom songs. I like having album art match with the rest of songs instead of seeing it color dark, crooked, etc.
  8. Technology what killed Rock and music in general. I remember growing up listening to Steve Miller Band, Santana, Kiss, etc in the mid 90s. 50s to early 90s was Jazz, Blues, etc. In 2000s Nu-Metal, Grunge, and Punk went huge. In 2010s, Rock music fell off the mainstream 100%. Country, Pop, and Rap took over the mainstream. Yes, music mainstream nowadays is garbage. Now they have bass blasting, talent-less, singer off key (They use auto-tune to fix it.), pressing buttons on instruments, etc. I don't know about Country music because they use live instruments. Mainly Pop and Rap are talent-less pe
  9. Pretty much. I was a die heart GH fan back in 2005. I still love GH/RB games but it's just hard to keep up nowadays because we are adult now. I said "I don't think I never going to see another Guitar Hero game again". Guitar Hero and Rock Band are dead franchise now. R.I.P. Guitar Hero and Rock Band.
  10. I never heard this band. Thanks for sharing.
  11. There are other ways. If your DLC songs won't play, convert the DLC songs from LIVE -› CON in C3ConTools. It works. To make the update screen to stop, just disconnect the internet on Xbox 360.
  12. I bought RB3 pedal and switch it out on my RB1 drums. RB1 pedal break easy.
  13. A lot of people that played Guitar Hero and Rock Band pretty much adults now. We have responsibility, jobs, careers, family, and such now days. Time change. I sold all my GH and RB games. I kept GH2 for Xbox 360 because that's where it all started & good ole memories and Rock Band 3 because it has everything in there in one game. No more switching discs.
  14. I remember when I was first introduced to Guitar Hero from somebody in 2005. I got Guitar Hero 2 full box on my birthday. I was excited and started playing with my brothers in Co-op and Pro Face Off. I use to play Guitar Hero games for hours and started playing Expert. Early Guitar Hero games is what got me into these artists I never heard of. When Guitar Hero 3 came out, my old buddy got it and I beat Medium career mode and played "Through the Fire and Flames". After that everything started to go down when I was getting burnt and playing Expert only because of the market. I couldn't keep up w
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