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  1. Hey man, good for you, keep up the good work! Been toying with the idea of learning to chart for a while but am clueless on where to start, might give moonscraper a look before going for full fledged reaper. I'll definitely try this out once I finish sorting my rock band library (in the midst of a major purge right now!) Peace!
  2. Thank you very much to the both of you, your work is much appreciated, upgrades are an often overlooked feature this site has to offer, but possibly my favourite of all. I'm quite excited to see more songs with rhythm, so keep them coming please dr waffles While I'm at it I'll leave my two cents too. I do enjoy playing pro keys from time to time, and therefore am quite happy about all the upgrades that have (evem recently!) been added to the fork. However, when I'm playing multiplayer with my housemate, there are occasions when both of us want to play guitar and no one bass, therefore I'm loo
  3. Thank youuuu Girls is from the on disc songs, so maybe it would be possible with multitracks?
  4. Hi there, I appreciate your offer to try and convert some of those GHTV songs, there are a few I had been hoping to see in rock band for quite some time. Here they are in order of how much I'd like to see them, any and all work is much appreciated Mudhoney - The Only Son of the Widow from Nain Vista Chino - Sweet Remain Nothing But Thieves - Ban All the Music The 1975 - Girls Cypress Hill - Rise Up (ft. Tom Morello) fun. - Why Am I the One Thanks in advance
  5. Personally I'd say yay for creative liberties haha! These are OPTIONAL anyhow. I know and love the fact that charters on this site are perfectionists, but just stating my opinion haha Anyhow, regardless of the outcome thanks for doing this
  6. Dear dr waffles, any chance of you releasing these by any chance? Possibly in the RBHP fork with the new keyboard parts? Cheers in advance
  7. Hi there C16, I was wondering if you could by any chance reupload 1000000, only the young and Millionaire by QOTSA, as the links seem to be broken? Cheers
  8. Woops, typoπŸ˜… Also, sorry, I must have misunderstood. Keep up the good work😁
  9. Yay for all the Pavement songs!!! We need much more of this band on RB3!! As soon as I get decent enough at making customs I'd be happy to help you out with these, but that's probably still far away haha
  10. Hi there beard, thanks so much for the huge amount of conversions you've made and for how quickly you pump these out. Hoping I can become as good as you at converting once I get into making customs myself, as I only have a few fof songs I'd like to convert but would feel too bad requesting them here considering all you do already. Now for the actually important reason I'm here: I found a load of TesseraCT customs on this thread but all the links (except for Nocturne) are either dead or lead to dead ends. Could you please reupload them to the database? Thanks a lot in advance!
  11. Hi there, wanted to thank you for She hangs the drums and the Gary Human stuff😊😊😊 Also, I wanted to express my excitement for the Jane's Addiction stuff, the rest of the Stone roses album and the STP stuff. Also, Smash Mouth's I'm a believer would be dope πŸ˜› Thanks in advance for your hard work!!!
  12. Very excited for the Slowdive songs and Dear Prudence, keep em coming!😁
  13. Really excited for Repeat Stuff!!! Hope you get to doing other Bo Burnham stuff, we need more of him in RB3😁😁😁
  14. Hi again, sorry for the late response. I followed your advice and rebuilt the song cache and the song has now finally appeared. Finally nearing having the full Badmotorfinger album on RB3 yayyy Thanks for all those who helped, and thanks AJFone for the latest RHCP customs and, more specifically, for Soundgarden's Cold Bitch. Was so surprised to see that getting charted, I can't wait to try it out :DD
  15. Thanks for the tip, unfortunately I tried changing the id twice but it still didn't show up after having transferred it to my xbox.
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