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  1. Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. To this point, I have benefited from the efforts of the community. This may be the excuse I have been looking for to learn how to contribute. Hell, this pandemic helps in that area too in a weird way. Spindoctor, can't wait to see what else you got in the hopper!
  2. Ah, it's good to be back fellas! Well, technically not gone, but with focus being shifted to giving Rockband 4 every opportunity to succeed, I have not downloaded from here in awhile. With the bankruptcy Mad Catz news, etc, it is clear to me business here will pick up again. The market unfortunately clearly lies with the 30 and 40 year olds and things just didn't catch on with the kids like they had hoped. Interestingly enough, when O told my wife and daughter I was going to be active on here again after a long hibernation, the first thing they asked for is Hamilton! Lol Havin a huge ass R
  3. No, only RBtoUSB will do that, it's part of C3 CON Tools. If you're using Party Buffalo, unrar the files before transferring them. What would you recommend I download to unrar the files?
  4. Thank you both for the quick replies. I have an Xbox 360 and have a 32 gig flash I plug into the usb yes. So just to make sure I'm not misunderstanding, I use my party buffalo software as instructed in the helpful video and it will recognize and take care of the RAR files for me automatically? Does it put the songs in the same folder as the rb3con files currently on my flash? Obviously I'm late to the party. Sorry for the trouble.
  5. Any luck on having any country songs authored before the release of Rockband 4? I know that the country genre isn't at the top of the list, but I thought no harm in asking right? Thanks Spindoctor for the last thread you pointed out.
  6. I noticed in downloading some songs from the c3 custom list that some files are RAR files. Do I need to convert or do anything further with these RAR files (seem to be Guitar Hero songs only) to have them play with the rest of the rb3con customs I put on my flash drive? Do I just add them on there and play immediately without any hiccups? Right now my flash drive is formatted and only has files that clearly stated they were rb3con files when I downloaded them. Thanks guys!
  7. I read that the same way you do Trojan. I was expecting to see "at this time" at the end of that quote but it isn't there.
  8. I'm guessing 2Pac! If I'm right, you're taking me back to my varsity basketball pregame ritual.
  9. This about sums up my feelings and thoughts on this announcement. While it makes me sad, a huge thank you from all of us that neither have the time or skill to do what you all do for us. Thank you so much and I know this is not "the end".
  10. Could it be? Could we finally be seeing some country this week? Jason Aldean-Hicktown for picture number 2!
  11. PFB those are exactly the 4 I would choose!
  12. I second these! I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) Bat Out Of Hell Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad It's All Coming Back To Me Now
  13. Let's see if we can get some traction in this thread! Let's face it, country isn't exactly the genre of choice amongst the authors that generously take of their time to chart songs for all our enjoyment. Don't think we're helping our cause by having specific country artist threads. Even if it means just one song once a quarter, it's a start. Also while I wouldn't mind me some George Jones, George Strait, Hank III, etc, I think we stand a better chance getting something current on rockband. C'mon y'all let's get this train rollin!
  14. Slaughter - Up All Night Skid Row - Monkey Business Poison - Fallen Angel
  15. Hey guys! This is my first official post on here as I just found C3. And as it is in most marriages, happy wife happy life lol. I myself am an 80's hair band freak and metal head that just so happened to marry a country girl. After 13 years of marriage, that does eventually enter your bloodstream. We like some of those posts we read already in here, but here are a few of our suggestions. Brad Paisley - Alcohol Zac Brown Band - Chicken Fried Garth Brooks - That Summer Miranda Lambert ft. Carrie Underwood - Somethin ' Bad Eric Church - Smoke A Little Smoke The Band Perry - Done Jason A
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