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  1. All I Need was indeed an FoF convert. It was from a shortly lived "RBRadiohead" project lead by user obZen before he just kinda ghosted. Fun fact is I did the vocals for the original chart. No idea if it's still there in the new custom version. Thank you for adding some more In Rainbows. I wanna voxtar Faust Arp.
  2. The Void out now. And with it ends Simulation Theory. Two years in the making, and coincides with the end of the Simulation Theory era (with Bellamy releasing one of the live tracks on this same day). I'm happy to have finally claimed a full Muse album given that I joined too late to get the other ones. This is also for sure my magnum opus of venues and will probably hold that title for some time, especially collectively. The album also contained my first full multi-track customs and several pro charts. Not a bad effort I'd say. Now I hope you won't mind if I take a small detour from Muse to
  3. Yes. Just download the Source Code zip file and extract it to some folder. From there the instructions are in the User Manual (but the download link in the manual is outdated).
  4. I have not even heard of that function until this thread so I have honestly no idea how it works or was supposed to work. I think that kind of algorithmic reduction from real notes to 5-lane can be a bit tricky to get to a point of somewhat consistent reliability. The difficulty reduction functions have a lot of that and the original writers of that code deserve the most praise no matter what I do. There will obviously be more functions in the future. The "Issues" tab on Github is also a place for feature requests and not just bug reports. I don't guarantee I'll accept them all, or get to al
  5. Keep in mind that the documentation was not written by me nor has been edited by me, so it reflects CAT as it was before I started developing for it. I didn't know about that function personally. But if it only works on sections with 5-notes it doesn't seem much harder to just copy and shift notes around manually.
  6. CAT v1.2.1 now live! Several minor changes and a few features here. Invalid unicode in the filename will print an error message suggesting to check the song filename."Reduce pro keys note density based on 5-lane" function now copies expert pro keys to lower difficulties before applying reductions.Note reduction for medium and easy now happens after note removal, lessening the issue where orange would move down to blue and then be considered a long string of single color."Check/fix capitalization" now ignores the word "I" even if it is appended with a symbol for talkie (#, ^) or hiding ($).A
  7. I neglected this thread since I had to keep a couple of songs secret for C3X. With that over I'm back to updating this. "Get Up and Fight" was just released so Blockades is next.
  8. Yes! Thank you very much for sooo many of these customs this year. You've been the best sheep.
  9. I've added Propaganda and Break It To Me for Chart-a-Thon! Break It To Me is also my first full multitrack custom, and little preview now — it won't be the last for this album.
  10. Thank you Sheep 🐑! Today I present to you two new songs from the project I've been slowly working on, Muse's most recent album Simulation Theory. Propaganda is an interesting mix of folk acoustic guitar, low tempo electronic beats, and smooth pop vocals. Its lyrics take the sexy, sometimes a little creepy, pop song and use it to describe the allure and pull of propaganda as a seductive character. For a band known for colliding genres without care the blend here was surprisingly well crafted. Reminiscent of Muse's early influence Rage Against the Machine (complete with a DJ solo)
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