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  1. and despacito is not even in the list? shame on you guys!
  2. These three "groups" have 0 (zerooooooo) charts on both c3 and fofix, and thats really weird: MobyModern TalkingDance with the dead0 charts for DWTD is "ok", not so popular, but Moby and MT, really?! Also we need more Roxette for sure. I would gladly chart any of those, but last time i touched reaper was in 2016. I cant even remember what to do now and how to set up a charting place on a new pc. If someone have a fast-guide to get back on charting, send me a pm pls. P.S. damn, didnt even notice thats a one month old necropost, sorry.
  3. Yesterday i've listened to one of my favourite synthwave songs and couldn't resist the feeling i need to chart it right now! so ... "Red Marker - Cuba To Miami" --- need pro-keys charter, charter found (or guitar\bass, if any of you can recognize the sounds and fit them in to guitar based instruments lol), tempomapping 100% done, drums WIP. And yes, this beautiful song inspired on masterpiece movie - Scarface. Long process of charting is not my thing, so im planning to finish it asap, as only drums part within next 48 hours, and put it here for ~1 week of "testing". Send me a message if yo
  4. Hey Doc, you sended me Roxette project files at the end of december, so i can add drums. I was too busy and failed, but i still have the project files, should i send them to Domino?
  5. Oh, any chances you can recheck and finish it please? This song is so amazing I asked because i wanted to collaborate for both songs, at least with drums part, but then i realized how messy and hard to recognize-by-ear drums part here Any chances you can change your mind about Sum 41 and Angels With Dirty Faces? Making a full album (full instruments?) might take a long, long time - months, or years ... or even worse, you lose your interest in the middle of the process and already maked guitar part will lost in time. Such a shame, isn't it? PS i deeply regret i can't collaborate and hel
  6. Hi! At which stage are "Daft Punk - Giorgio by Moroder (Pop/Dance/Electronic)" and "Sum 41 - Angels With Dirty Faces"?
  7. Still too busy to make some significant progress +0 feedback for Augen Auf, well ... From time to time im trying to learn how to add unpitched vocals, using same Augen Auf song, and since i don't have a console to test them and Phase Shift have only lyrics, +it's in german language, it's a total disaster. I have one question for now, there is 2 voices in this song - for main singer and a child, should i separate them in to different parts for unpitched vocals, or no? For now it does look like this: I used different notes C4 and B for myself (better visibility), should i separate them for
  8. yeah, i have seen it (and Dont stop at the top) few times in some other old thread maybe +in fofix forums and everytime i see the Scorpions mentioned, im hoping to see "Deep and dark" since i dont have time to chart it myself
  9. I've lost the count how many times i have seen this song already. but "Deep and dark" remains uncharted
  10. Hey! Bring us Lindemann tracks back, pwetty pwease!
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