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  1. That sine wave immediately made my mind thing "THEREMIN PART IN ROCK BAND YES!" Obviously just joking around, although I am curious of what that exactly is, as that looks like something they'd put in Rock Band Blitz.
  2. I wouldn't be that surprised if Harmonies returned. They haven't really deconfirmed it, but I wouldn't be surprised if it returned. Also, what's this "MARKUP" track at 0:38. It has notes representing chords, it seems, and text events like "[scale def]" and "[scale V7]" and "[root Gb]" or at least I THINK it's "[root Gb]". There's also one that's "[root A]" at the far left. See for yourself. This is the MARKUP track. I saw someone theorize this to be the new keys track, although they said they weren't working on keys atm, and I see no reason for them to change the system like this. Mayb
  3. UPDATE: More songs, and limit hit. Alright, I'm adding three more songs to this list. Before reading any further, yes, I am near complete with most of these. I LIKE TO POTTY is near complete, and the four I'm Nekkid tracks just need a VENUE track. I do not expect to get any of these done quickly, but I will try to make them high quality. With that said, I'm adding Sacred Stones Battle Medley, passport.mid, and canyon.mid to the mix. "Sacred Stones Battle Medley" contains seven tracks from Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones, specifically, in order, Attack, Defence, The Battle Must Be Won, Powerfu
  4. Okay, so I did a lot of converts and reached 100.bin, is everything over that unavailable for generating bins? I noticed the program, and yes, this is the sZGE packer, doesn't generate bins over 100, even if it's the only one listed in packdlc.bat. The .app files are generated. So, I'm guessing it's only the bin files that doesn't get generated.
  5. I've had this issue before, and I've solved it. I don't know if the same will work for you. Find the .rar you downloaded, and reextract everything. If you're replacing the files you've already extracted, be sure not to accidentally replace ng_id and common-key. This is a way I got .bins to generate. I think there are certain files that gets moved or deleted later on. If that doesn't work, then might want to wait for someone else to help. I'm not all that good with support.
  6. Ah, finally, they work. THANKS! Thanks for the help. I don't think I could have done it without your help.
  7. Where do I put this tmd? Do I just put it in the sZGE folder or my NAND (If so, where)?
  8. OMG IT WORKS NOW! THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!! I don't know where I'd get without you. THANKS SO MUCH!!!! EDIT: Okay, it just loaded, like, one of my songs. The menu lagged a whole bunch saying it was loading the three songs I had, but it only showed one of them in the song list. >.> EDIT2: Nevermind.... the two other songs don't show up on my SD card. I guess I didn't insert the other two or something. Hopefully the Wii didn't erase them. I remember copying and pasting the files altogether. EDIT3: Okay, yeah, it's deleting the other two songs. What the hell is happening!?
  9. OH NEVER MIND. I just found the backup where I backed up my NAND when I first set up my Homebrew Channel. It has keys.bin. My life is saved. >.>
  10. Okay, I was kind of skeptic to be honest of that... but the whole reason I didn't use the keys.bin file was because every NAND backup I did never spit out one. There was a point in time where it randomly showed up in my SD card, but I accidentally deleted it when I meant to delete something else, and I have no idea how it showed up there in the first place. Also, for the common key, I read from somewhere in this thread that I just had to paste it in the text editor... so much for that. How do I insert them by hexadecimal, and how come everyone just knows all this and I don't? (I swear, if h
  11. Bingo. My common-key file is 32 bytes... ebe42a225e8593e448d9c5457381aaf7 is okay, right? It's not anything specific to my Wii? Why is it 32 bytes? Don't I just have to open it up in text editor and just paste the key in there? Also I've checked my ng_id (This IS my Console ID, correct? Sorry if I'm overskeptic and asking way too many unnecessary questions, I just want to get this exactly right. >.>) like a billion times, so I'm pretty sure it's correct. 73997879 is what my console ID is, unless every homebrew program including syscheck has been lying to me.
  12. Tried it last night and I still got nothing. This is strange, I'm clearing the cache every time before I start up, I have all the IOSes, I have the WAD, what next!? I'm going to repack my songs later, just in case. So... yeah, I'm going to try that as I don't know what to do, anymore.
  13. Hm... The loader and game are both using IOS249. Should I change the loader's OS to 222, too? (Pfff saying that out loud.) Like, should that be my setup? 222 and 249?
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