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  1. I have everything except for vocals done on Crank That
  2. Also a (pro) keys upgrade of Don't Stop Believing already exists, available here: https://github.com/FujiSkunk/rbhp/tree/master/Optional%20Upgrades/Keys/Rock%20Band%20DLC%202009
  3. It's Multitrack Madness and it's a part 2, it's Multitrack Madness Part 2! Added: •Rod Stewart - Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? •Pet Shop Boys - It's A Sin •Fatboy Slim - Love Island •Imagination - Just An Illusion :DDD
  4. Long time since I hadn't released just one custom, new pack on the way though. Added Babylon Zoo - Spaceman :DDD
  5. Celebration by Kool & The Gang as well as Blister In The Sun by Violent Femmes are Rock Band 4 DLC, so they're not available as RB3 customs.
  6. Here, memes. Added: •Happa-tai - Yatta! (from literaly any 14 year old who says Japan is so WTF) •Dave Rodgers - Déjà Vu (from that Initial D meme) •Yugo Kanno - Il Vento D'Oro (From that JoJo meme waIT IS THAT A JOJO REFERENCE????) •Spitting Image - The Chicken Song (Because excuse me but making a song to mock another song and ending up #1 in the charts for 3 weeks IS a meme) •Halogen - U Got That (from that Ricardo meme that made all men question their orientation) Happy lockdown :DDD
  7. Regarding my next pack: Due to obvious circumstances and France being on lockdown for an indeterminate period, my Sheepost Pack II intended for April's Fools is going to be delayed. I am not at my home where all my stuff is, including my Xbox, and I therefore cannot playtest everything, especially the venues, which you know I give a lot of attention to. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I promise it's a good pack, a really good pack.
  8. Happens everyday around 17:00 Philippines time, nothing to worry about.
  9. This is the Reinterpreted version from 2004 composed by Mike Shinoda indeed. The original version is official DLC for Rock Band 4. The song title will feature "(feat. Mike Shinoda)" but this was too long of a name for the picture.
  10. So I've been inactive for a while, but that's for a reason, I made this to make my friends want to play Rock Band.
  11. Karma Police was taken down due to being released as official DLC for Rock Band 4.
  12. That's a wrap for 2019 I guess. This is the year I've definitely put out the most customs, and I hope you appreciated each and every of them (even the french ones). You all mean a lot to me. Added: Sheep's Party Pack 1 (There will be more) •Sexion D'Assaut - Désolé •Brigitte - Battez-Vous •Skip The Use - Can Be Late •Stromae - Papaoutai •Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand •Jason Derulo - Get Ugly •Biting Elbows - For The Kill •Orelsan - La Pluie (ft. Stromae) •Aya Nakamura - Djadja •Kakkmaddafakka - Sin :DDD
  13. GENTLEMEN START YOUR ENGINES Because you know it's time for DAYTOOOONAAAAAAAA! (And two other huge bangers) Let's Go Away is often regarded as the title track to the cult game that is Daytona USA. A groundbreaking achievement in the video game industry as it proposes a replica of the Daytona speedway thanks to satellite imagery and constant 60 frames per second, something very common these days but completely revolutionary in 1994! The track (the song not the race track) itself is quite challenging, and will always provide something to ruin your FC. You might also notice it's 7 minutes
  14. Alright, just updating again, to add what I've released so far, and also to present to you the new feature on my thread, the recommended setup picture. I've been experimenting with the recent songs and I've now designed a visual, but what is the recommended setup? This is the ideal way to play the song. Here is an example, with my custom of Friends Of P by The Rentals. The vocals icon seems to not be present, but that does not indicate there is no vocals. You can see it at the bottom right of the bass icon, which means that the bassist should be the lead singer. Why? Because Matt Sharp is t
  15. Customs customs customs eh? All those songs but we're missing the greatest, the CREATIVE GENIUS, so let's start with the big number Undeniably one of the greatest songs of the decade, POWER is sort of the magnum opus from light to decent 6 My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, the song most notably features a sample of 21st Century Schizoid Man by King Crimson, which gives a very paranoia-inducing nature to the banger. Mammagamma is a great number from APP, with a very disco-ey beat, sort of progressing while keeping the same ascending melody. The track is notable for being almost compl
  16. Look, I know it's ironic to do a joke on Brexit and have people wait on you, but you know how communication is eh. So here is For Britain Only Part 2, which was for the occasion renamed For UK Only Part 2 (But mostly because it's UK artists now). Here is a fun sorta post-punk song you might remember from a video game featuring rabbits, or from a phone company advert if you're french. Open Book isn't even a single from the album, but it definitely is the most recognizable track with its catchy hook. Souvenir is another OMD hit, and another french company advert music. The song is ve
  17. I heard you like metal. So here is the followup to my Metalworks pack, featuring 5 songs of various styles and periods. One of them is not metal per se, but it's hard enough to qualify. No trailer this time unfortunately, but the goods are here. I always found Rosenrot to be an underrated album in Rammstein's discography. It's not groundbreaking or ahead of its time, but it's great. Here is the second single off the album of the same name, about a guy falling to his death when trying to get a rose for his girlfriend. The early 80s were a dark period for Alice Cooper. He had severe pr
  18. Good afternoon to you all, humans and robots, sorry for the slight delay. Here's my fifth release, this time a follow up to the Bleep Bloop Micmac pack. I have four songs from all kinds of electronic music. You can watch the trailer right HERE! So let's get started shall we? Spybreak! is one of the classic songs of an under-represented genre known as Big Beat, the other big name in it being Fatboy Slim. You will probably recognize this song as the hall shootout scene in the Wachowski sisters' 1999 movie The Matrix. With this one, every Justice studio album has been represented at
  19. I would post the full previews but you know how YouTube is with copyrights...
  20. Well, here we are, from one Television to another. This is my 300th custom. That's 4 years of my life spent with you guys and I hope this is enough of a thank you for all the times. Please watch the trailer here. Marquee Moon is a huge Punk classic, as the genre implies. I would have gone with a single version but it would not be big enough to celebrate such an amount of customs, so I went with the actual 10 minutes long album version. Needless to say this took a while. Authored by yours truly. This song is a part of Chart-a-thon. If you download this song, or if you enjoy my conte
  21. Hello, hello, helloooo! Here I am back with my third release, a pack of singles, no particular theme, anything goes. I got 3 songs and before we get started be sure to watch the trailer HERE! (I spend time on these so if you watched it, props to you) So let's get started shall we? Jean-Jacques Perrey was a french composer who pioneered the use of Moog synthesizers. His tracks were considered as part of the very first electronic music waves, and this is his biggest hit. Supposedly, this song was a huge inspiration for the theme song of Futurama, along with Psyché Rock by Pierre Henry,
  22. And that's 2 out of 10 releases for me, POP IT UP PART 2! Once again, please watch the trailer on Streamable (YouTube blocked it) HERE And now, the 4 songs I got in store for this pack! Don't lie, you too stan BTS. This is not even a guilty pleasure. With this funky sounding hit, the korean band and Halsey marked a great comeback for their new era! This one is a nostalgic favorite of mine, it just takes me back, building marble tracks in my room with LEGOs, listening to that one french hit music radio. And while I still love me some LEGO building, I also still love me this song,
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