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  1. Guess what, it happens on every forum on the internet every single day and it'll happen till the end of time. If this was a tech support forum, you'd want to kill yourself. I guarantee there are people out there even today, who have dreamed of having their favorite band in Rock Band, but don't even know what a forum is. Just because you and Farottone own the site doesn't mean you can just expect everyone to do exactly what you think they should do. The main thing that somehow still keeps this site alive is the community's passion and dedication to Rock Band. Not you paying the bills for the se
  2. Again, I'm not OP, and I agree that they should've read the rules before posting. But since full-album requests are only discouraged in the rules, I don't see a reason to be so hard on someone for making a full-album request. It sure doesn't seem inviting to that person to stay in the community. If that's how you want to present your website, that's up to you. I'm not gonna tell you to change your attitude. I just don't think you're encouraging any new members to join the community, if you can't forgive small mistakes like this.
  3. You're right. But it's not a good idea to put down a new member for not following that "rule", compared to other more important and obvious rules, if you're trying to present a welcoming community environment. My main issue was with Nemo's attitude. "Dismissive" was probably the wrong word, but it was unnecessary and disrespectful, in my opinion.
  4. From the rule: It's not really a rule, just advice. It doesn't say full album requests are disallowed, just not recommended (understandably so). I get that mods can have their own opinions, but I don't see how this kind of request is disrespectful.
  5. I'm just saying if I were new here I would take that as a bit rude, not thoughtful. Not everyone knows how this site works right off the bat. I think this question, out of many beginner questions, at least deserved a clearer answer
  6. I'm not OP but thank you for at least being helpful. I wish more people here were more welcoming to newcomers like you are, instead of just giving snarky replies to everything
  7. Jeez, why so dismissive? Just because YOU think no one's gonna do it doesn't make it a dumb request.
  8. You may want to update the link to match the one in the authoring tools post since this one seems to be down now.
  9. @DemonUnicorns, : I'm sorry, I never knew you guys wanted to do Hum - Stars for so long! I originally got the idea to do it from this post (I see your reply on there too, Froogzer). I actually finished it full band, LONG before I made my WIP thread and started releasing customs, so I just made it for myself to play... By the time I made my WIP thread I had lost the custom and the Reaper project, so I just started recharting it but kinda forgot about it cuz I didn't realize how much people like you guys wanted this song... I would've totally been cool with either of you taking over if you PMed
  10. http://c3universe.com/rbndocs/index.php?title=Practice_Sections make sure the event type dropdown is set to "Text Events" (not Velocity)
  11. You can do it while docked too, just right-click anywhere on the MIDI Editor ruler (the grey area with the measure numbers) and it will show File, Edit, Navigate, etc. in the form of a context menu.
  12. 1/6/18: "Anna Lee" by Dream Theater - collab with @onyxite
  13. 12/28/17: The Fall of Troy 5-pack Single A Classic Case of Transference Inside / Out A Single Word Your Loss
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