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  1. One way to find out! But seriously, I would think this is supported, since they'll just show up as different controllers to the console.
  2. Sadly the colors of the vocal tubes are not normally changeable in the game. You might have some luck with the Wii version played through the Dolphin emulator, but someone with more Dolphin experience than me will have to say how possible that is, and whether it's worth trying to sing with emulated RB3.
  3. Like the poor sod getting tossed onto the death cart in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, I keep having to insist, "I'm not dead yet!" Or rather, this project isn't dead yet! And we have 10 more keys upgrades to prove it! The following are now available in my fork of the Rock Band Harmonies Project: Blondie - "Call Me" - keys by TheSheepQueen Blue Öyster Cult - "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" - keys by TheSheepQueen Freezepop - "Brainpower" - keys by TheSheepQueen Garbage - "I Think I'm Paranoid" - keys by TheSheepQueen GlaDOS - "Still Alive" - keys by TheSheepQueen
  4. See here on how to make Magma happy regarding your author ID:
  5. I don't have a direct answer, but Harmonix themselves were not above using both red and yellow for snare when charting complex snare patterns that also involved accented hits. If memory serves, Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Rude Mood" is one such example. Maybe that could give you ideas on how to chart your drums.
  6. Pardon the late reply. This is often due to a corrupt DTA (metadata) file in one of your customs. Unfortunately the only real way to root it out is to start over, then keep adding customs until you find which one breaks. You can try the half rule where you add half your customs. If you see the problem, start with half again (a quarter), or if you don't see the problem, try the other half, and then so on until you've narrowed it to a specific file. Then let the author of that custom know they put together a bad package. Good luck!
  7. Pardon the late reply. We do not yet have tools for adding info to songs hosted outside of C3U, or for songs getting upgrades with different metadata. However, these are on the to-do list, so stay tuned!
  8. Extremely late on the answer, and my apologies. Duplicates of existing songs were never outright disallowed, they were just heavily discouraged, partly because we encouraged authors to reach out to one another for collaborating on improvements, and partly because the old database wasn't really well equipped to handle duplicate songs. As for Clone Hero support, while we did encourage uploading of customs for other platforms, we still required an XBox 360 download also. With the new database, the second problem has been solved and the 360 requirement has gone away. That means if you've a
  9. Late to say so, but more '80s metal is always welcome. Thank you!
  10. The third and final pack of the Rock Band 3 10th Anniversary Multitrack Pack Trilogy has arrived, and today we spotlight Michael Jackson! "Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough"! Grab it here. "I Just Can't Stop Loving You"! Grab it here. "Smooth Criminal"! Grab it here. This concludes the trilogy... no wait! WE'RE NOT DONE YET! Thanks to Rocker1999, this release has turned into a true multitrack extravaganza, with every song getting genuine stems! Now... ..."Candle in the Wind" is multitracked as well! Grab the updated release here.
  11. I'm a little late in saying so, but this was an awesome selection for RB3's 10th anniversary. Thank you for these!
  12. I've never tried this myself, but it actually makes sense that only three guitars would be allowed at a time. The game allows keyboard controllers to play 5-lane guitar and vice versa, so a full band theoretically could include three guitars or even three keyboards, each playing one of guitar, bass and keys. However, only a drum controller will work for drums, and only a standard controller plus microphone will work for vocals, so once you have some combination of three guitars and keyboards, there is no in-game reason to add any more, and so the game likely keeps that fourth spot open for o
  13. What you have is a song package intended for another music game, possibly Frets on Fire or Clone Hero. Unfortunately there is no simple drag-and-drop tool for converting those packages to Rock Band 3 customs. You would need to be familiar with Magma C3, the tool for creating RB3 customs. The easiest and luckiest process would be creating a new Magma project, adding notes.mid as the chart file and guitar.ogg as the background music file, then filling out the rest of the Magma project with the necessary info so that it will actually compile a CON. If none of that means anything to you, then
  14. At one time espher was speculating it might be possible to toy with on-disc songs using the Rock Band Harmonies Project tools, and he starting compiling a list of possible fixes. But his time and attention have since been diverted to More Important Things (no sarcasm ), so nothing more has come of that. Like Alternity said, any such trickery would likely involve injecting new DTA information into the song cache, or manipulating the cache directly. Based on what (relatively little) I know about the cache, changing things like song and album titles might not be that hard, once you're comf
  15. The second pack of the Rock Band 3 10th Anniversary Multitrack Pack Trilogy is now here! This time, the featured artist is Madonna! "Holiday"! In addition to the multitrack upgrade, this one now boasts the full six-minute album version and full three-part harmonies! Grab it here. "Like a Virgin"! Grab it here. My favorite Madonna song, "Live to Tell"! Grab it here. As a reminder, these are based on farottone's original releases, and a big thanks to him for letting me play with these. When you visit each song's database page, the "FujiSkunk" link will
  16. In the meantime you can still download Genesis songs indidvidually from the new database. There are plenty to be had! https://db.c3universe.com/songs/all/__artist_s/genesis
  17. Funny, I happened to listen to Spirit's "Nature's Way" shortly before seeing this. You have some other fine choices here too, though if I were a charting man I'd be tempted to do the live "Go Insane" from Fleetwood Mac's The Dance. Much better than the studio version, in my humble opinion, even if it isn't much of a "band" song.
  18. Hello everyone, and a Happy 10th Birthday to our favorite music game, Rock Band 3! In 2008, I discovered Rock Band. Despite being something of a guitar snob at the time (which I had no right to be, since I wasn't even good at playing a real guitar anyway), I was instantly hooked on the vocals and drums. I then came around to realize what everyone else already knew, that there's plenty of fun to be had playing 5-button guitar and bass, no matter how good (or bad) you are at the real thing. But my favorite real instrument is the keyboard, and two years later, my dream came true: Rock Band
  19. Are you able to save stuff to that USB stick outside of RBtoUSB? Do you have those CON files open in any program, such as the CON explorer in C3 CON Tools?
  20. And here I thought I was the only one who remembered this lost gem from the '80s. Good pick!
  21. If you're trying to add files to the left drag-and-drop window, that window is only for folders, and so adding files there will not work. If you're selecting the "Root" directory and then adding files to the right drag-and-drop window, the "Root" directory shouldn't have anything added to it, as everything in a properly formatted CON file is in the "songs" directory and below. I did discover a bug where if you do try to add a file to the "Root" directory, the CON Creator freezes and has to be restarted. I'll add that to the bug list. However, I still did not see any error message, so I'm
  22. This could be a bug in the program, but to root it out and maybe offer a workaround, we'll need more details. Does the error happen as soon as you try the first file, or does it happen after a number of files? What file type(s) does it happen with? A list of steps from when you first open the CON Creator to when you see the error will be helpful.
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