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  1. This might be a long one, I go into a bit of detail here. I was in high school, senior year. I worked as a cashier at Target in the next town and saw people buying the GH1 and GH2 bundles. I didn't know what that was all about, nor did I really have time to look it up. One day someone brought GH2 to an Anime Club meeting, and I got to see it in action. Looked awesome, so I lined up to try. Decided to try Them Bones, a song I was really into at the time, on Medium. I figured, I can do better than the easiest difficulty in any other game I play, why not this one? I failed. Miserably. Next time
  2. There is an instrumental/vocals split track for this available, I think, which I like. This interests me, I rather enjoyed the song and found it quite catchy. Gotta see if I have time to fit this into my schedule.
  3. It will be a C3 release (hence my vagueness) so keep your eyes open, it'll pop up at some point!
  4. While I am not working on these songs, I will say that as a Latino and vocalist I also want to see more Spanish-language tracks. I'm trying to secure three songs from an AORB artist that would be very fun to play, hopefully I can have them done soon. I'm also working on a song by an artist from your second list, but it's not the song you requested. It is gonna be a good one though.
  5. Greetings from MTAC! I had the pleasure of announcing to a packed room that this LK pack was a thing, and plugged C3. The room exploded when I announced King of Rhymes. I did make sure to explain what C3/customs are so they didn't confuse it with official DLC. Didn't get to play video though, there was no computer in the room. I caught up with LK after the panel and he was kind enough to record this:
  6. This is correct. Spoken/growled parts are authored as talkies/non-pitched notes, and the actual note in the MIDI doesn't matter as long as you properly mark the note as a talkie like Lyra described above. That said, in a song with mixed talkie/sung parts, I would pick a note you already used for a sung part to author your talkies in. I don't think it affects the displayed range, but it makes the job easier (for me at least) and it's good to err on the side of caution.
  7. I know they use the term "screamo" in their video titles and "album" titles, but it's really more metalcore than anything. For the most part their stuff is in the same vein as Punk Goes Pop stuff, only with a tad bit more screaming. Also, if it helps you want to punch them less, they're all pretty chill dudes. They love the songs they cover, they love what they do, and they are happy to give me multitracks to make these customs. I'm definitely gonna do more of their stuff for sure. "Cat Punching" is the name of my Pussy Riot cover band. I'm not sorry.
  8. My plan is, I'm getting RB4 as soon as it comes out. However, I'm still going to make and release customs through C3 for as long as possible. There are a ton of songs I want in the game that for some reason or other will never see an official release, and I still have many songs that were destined for RBN that I need to release. So I'll still be popping in RB3 to play customs and non-transferable songs. If RBN comes back though, I'm jumping straight in, and all my RBN rescues will be repurposed for official release. I'll still do certain other customs on the side, but the majority of my time
  9. I see something here I'm working on. Might bump it higher on my priority list.
  10. Without saying too much, I am considering doing a C3 release sometime in the future of at least one of these songs.
  11. Heheh, yeah, that's half the reason. Other half being that, as that song is by an artist I have contact with that knows the custom exists, I wanted to show them the resulting video, since this looks like a cool idea. I'd debated between requesting this one and "Strangers" by Scratch21, as they both have great harmonies and both would be seen by the bands, but I went for this one since you do original octave harmonies and this particular song definitely fits that concept. Ah no, I'd never do that, though I do admit hamming up all-talky songs is among my favorite things to do in Rock Band
  12. I'd like to make a request, if I may. How about "Where You Are" by Filtered by the Sky? It's not a difficult one but it'd be cool to see.
  13. I'm glad everyone is enjoying the releases! Thanks for all the kind words. They made me smile. Like this: The answer to this question is always the same: no. C3 release are not duplicates of songs released in the Other Customs subforum. Just to add on a bit to this. I was unaware of any other versions in the Other Customs forum when I took on this song. I took the original GH charts/tracks, and brought them up to RB standards, while fixing a few other things that bothered me and adding in harmonies, keys and the custom venue. If ever I use anyone else's existing customs/work in a relea
  14. TO ANYONE WHO ATTEMPTED AND FAILED TO DOWNLOAD ANY OF THE WINTER CRESCENT SONGS BEFORE TODAY All links in the Song Database to all four Winter Crescent songs, and their 2x Bass Pedal versions, should now all be fixed. If you were able to successfully download any of the songs before the links broke, you do NOT have to redownload anything; the files are the exact same, and no changes were made to any of them. I deeply apologize for the inconvenience. If further issues arise concerning any of these songs, please let me know.
  15. The Request is kinda having download issues (I can't get it downloaded) however cool and honestly, I knew it was coming out and it was because of the "rumor". Honestly, it wasn't a rumor... I literally had a chat with the CTA person himself (on Youtube) and he told me directly that they'll just release their songs via C3 since they no longer can do much with RBN. Click the link in my post, that download should work. Also, that guy you talked to? That was me.
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