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  1. Please keep requests to one thread
  2. Great stuff guys! The only thing I noticed was with the Van Halen tracks, those sustains are way too close to the next note. Need to have a 16th space between then
  3. Please keep your requests in one thread
  4. Im really suprised there has been no High school musical songs released at all
  5. Happy birthday to me I'm (cough) (cough) years old I made all these customs Happy birthday to me Enjoy!
  6. Paramore is in the works, so dont worry about that one
  7. Simmer is offial RB4 DLC. Not allowed here I'm afriad. Please remove the link.
  8. Update. I'm trying to focus on Blink 182 first as that's the mostly finished. The biggest issue I'm having is vocals, particularly on Cheshire cat and Buddah. If ANYONE is willing to help on any of those vocals, or even anything that's left on other albums, please let me know
  9. Added: Avril Lavigne Disography Gloryhammer Disography
  10. I've done at least 4 TWRP albums and all of Mystery Skulls
  11. Was it usually agreed that the sega version was the better one music wise? I didn't get into the game back at the time unfortunately
  12. Added: Earthworm Jim soundtrack While I love this game so much, I'm not sure which version of the soundtrack I should do. Any suggestions?
  13. Happy Valentines day people, let's get into the mood with some sensual songs Enjoy!
  14. Hey guys, happy February, the month of love I guess? Who knows what that is. Anyway I thought I would release a few sweet songs for the month: But that's not all. Stay tuned for Valentines Day for a special treat Enjoy! <3
  15. Hey guys, I'm sorry it got stuck in my head, and now it will do the same to you! Enjoy!
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