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  1. First thing is to tempo map before sending them the project file. As for getting just the drum track back, you can simply select PART DRUMS in Reaper and do "Selected tracks only" when exporting the midi.
  2. I bring another epically long custom from L-Train, a whopping 44 minutes long song, "Pillars of Equestria Part One". With this marks the third long metal opera song I've done from L-Train. I've worked on and off on this for half a year and as usual it includes multitracks from L-Train himself. I've also included a smaller single tracked version for the full song if you rather not spend 252 MB of space just on one song. The song features 6 guitar solos, a mandolin & violin duet solo (guitar/keys), 2 horn solos, and 1 bass solo. The venue is some of my finest work and as well as full le
  3. The regular volume envelope does only go up to 6dB, however you can also add envelopes for FX. By utilizing "JS: Volume Adjustment" you can go up to 150dB. I think it's silly to be editing any audio in Audacity when you're charting in a literal DAW.
  4. I went ahead and took the time to list and categorize all my customs in the OP to help give a quick glance at everything I have to offer
  5. A custom from the anime Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia). The song has some intense drums and a beautiful Keys part. 3/25/2020 Video
  6. Another song from the MMO Final Fantasy XIV, this is a band rendition of a song is that played during the Alexander raid boss. Song is pretty high energy on all instruments with a rockin' bass solo and fast paced vocals. The two distinct guitar parts allowed me to chart one to Keys (Pro included). About halfway through the song there is a time stop mechanic in FFXIV that I was able to replicate the Rock Band characters to freeze in place by manipulating the BEAT track and I'm happy with how that turned out. 3/11/2020 Video
  7. Look for clothing with the "Customizable" tag and in the Current Outfit section it gives you an option to add art
  8. The Steven Universe character outfits in my customs were just made with the in-game art maker
  9. Hey there, I did intentionally place vocal range shift events in between every song chapter so that way songs with the same few notes wouldn't look small in the hud due to other songs having a wider range of notes. In "The Calling" though I did place one mid song (around 36:19 in the video) due to the crystal ponies part having such a wide range compared to when Luna sings again. Admittedly that probably wasn't a good idea and I should've waited for the song to end and transition before scaling the hud again.
  10. Bringing in my first custom of this year, a song from A Hat in Time called Your Contract Has Expired, composed by Pascal Michael Stiefel. The song plays when you fight against The Snatcher, and overall it's a pretty engaging song that's difficult in all parts with a rockin' synth solo. 1/2/2020 Video
  11. I opened up the midi for B.Y.O.B in Reaper and I can confirm they used [map HandMap_DropD2]. So I tried making two test charts, one with a string of greens and another a string of reds Seeing both in game, the character does indeed only open hand green and fret the red. So what I tried doing was taking the milo animation file from the green fret CON and overriding the CON with the red frets. Unfortunately even after that the character was not open handing the string of reds. So I can only assume HMX did something special on their end that we can't control.
  12. Sevey13 was asking "if I can still connect to online services" and worried if they'll get banned, not about actually playing the customs. Which I will answer, yes you can still connect online with the latest RB3 update with custom songs in your drive. You will not get banned or anything, customs songs will still appear in your song library but attempting to play them will simply just crash the game. You can still play any legit songs just fine while connected online and having customs installed. For buying DLC, if you don't want to deal with the hassle of swapping updates just to purcha
  13. [play] is a "style" yes, so switching between intense and play will make a difference. Could even have a whole song with no [play] and only [intense]/[mellow] if you wanted to and the character will still animate.
  14. New custom is a song by Sia called "Rainbow" which was featured in the My Little Pony Movie. The song, sung by her character Songbird Serenade in the film, is about comforting someone through their pain and preserving through the end despite their hardships. Song as a whole is fairly easy but has fun harmonies which is great for parties. 9/8/2019 Video
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