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  1. I've extracted the bass and guitar tracks of this MIDI, they're definitely accurate to each note of the actual song. Is there any converter that will take the MIDI data of the track and "squash" it down to an accurate Expert bass/guitar track?
  2. Hey DemonUnicorns, is your Smashing Pumpkins project still in progress at all?
  3. I'd like to add "East" to the potential request list
  4. Sorry to hijack the thread temporarily and ignore the lame spiel below but you guys might be interested... Please join the new "Official" Smashing Pumpkins Discord server! There have been a few attempts at an SP Discord in the past and they all seem to be gone now... but this one will be a concentrated effort to get a real lively community for real time chat. We have custom roles (which allow you to set yourself as a "fan" of a particular album, your name color will change to the color of that album), custom emojis of Billy looking sad, different channels for topics of discussion, one of w
  5. Oh hell yes. I'd love Pulseczar asap! Can't wait for the others.
  6. Great, thanks! I know a lot of them are unrealistic. Thanks for even considering them though! And great, I'll check out Mouths of Babes and Blue
  7. Awesome! I'll compile my suggestions here (already mentioned a few). These are gonna be some deeeep cuts. And some incredible live versions. Most of this is a super wishlist so I'd be happy with anything. More legit/reasonable/pleeeeease I’m begging you suggestions towards the top. Speed Kills United States Pulseczar Ugly (Gravity Demo) Disarm (Earphoria version) Bring the Light Bleeding the Orchid Doomsday Clock 7 Shades of Black A Song for a Son Slunk Blast (Fuzz Version) Godzilla (from Mashed Potatoes) Raindrops + Sunshowers Solara Saturnine Untitled Real Love Heavy Metal Machine Superch
  8. God how could I forget, can I ask for any sort of priority for Speed Kills? I love that song so much.
  9. Requests? How about Ugly (Gravity Demo)? It's Ugly but electric and sounds amazing. United States from Zeitgeist would be amazing. Same with Bring the Light. Oh, and how about Pulseczar from Veiuphoria?
  10. Aw man I was so hoping for Aeroplane Flies High, the song to be next. Can you make an exception just for that one?
  11. So excited for Zero. Tribute to Johnny is SO good. And has such a fun drum solo.
  12. Will there be any chance of getting some alternate/demo versions done after the main discog is complete? The heavy version of Ugly (Gravity demo) is so great. Same with the Broadway demo of Today.
  13. Oh my god you did Ugly. I am so happy. Thank you.
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