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  1. "Hey, what's this? no Quicksand? no Hog? no releases? Froogle is a slowpoke and should go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Hey, s'up. So there's a couple reasons why there hasn't been much word on the progress of releases. Most notably, Way went though a couple natural disasters and I haven't been in the greatest mental state as of late, so progress on songs almost came to a complete halt. I'm feeling a lot better now, but I can't say the same for Way, hurricanes are never fun. "Cut to the chase, moron!" What I'm getting at, is that if anybody is interested in working on songs with
  2. I'd hate to stir the pot or cause tension or anything but I've wanted to do Hum - Stars for the absolute longest time. In fact, I said I'd do it well before Gigakoops' WIP thread existed. And now everyone and their grandmother wants to author it. I'm gonna be brutally honest here, I am going to do Stars eventually because I am getting sick of waiting. With that being said, I encourage anyone to do work on it, actually that would be great because i wouldn't have to do it. But it's getting ridiculous. All that aside, I'm looking forward to playing *a lot* of your list.
  3. Gotta be honest, Saw my thread was bumped and thought someone was complaining about the lack of releases... Boy was I wrong! I hope you all enjoy the custom!
  4. I'm tempted. but like StackOverflow0x said, it's 18 minutes!
  5. As the original author of that song, I am, quoth thy modern day internet, *TRIGGERED.* ...Ugh, I feel dirty even saying that... But in all seriousness, would you mind telling me what you don't like about it?
  6. Let me take you all back to February 2014, when I finally decided to tackle charting. Really the only reason I wanted to try charting in the first place was because nobody had uploaded the songs I wanted to play. My first songs I made are probably among the worst charts ever, and I'm glad they are no longer online. I gradually started to improve, all thanks to my pal Yhughu on FoF forums. My first collaborations on this site were with Kloporte. We did Pearl Jam - Animal, remember? You should, we got a butt-load of replies an' stuff. I worked with Sygenysis and Nunchuck on a couple songs, re
  7. Hello everyone, I've got some good news and I've got some... good news! Well, I think most of us agree that this thread is need of some major changes, and I thought that I should announce what those future changes will be. Now, i'm not good with dates, so I can't say what exact day and time these changes will take place, but it's looking like some time next year. As of today, Froogmart is dead and gone! and the thread name is now "Welcome to The FroogWay!" And, the plan is, for TheWay123 and I to start weekly releases, but only do 1 or 2 songs per week. This should give us plenty of time to
  8. http://www.anonvote.com/poll/a582846f
  9. Almost all that's left to do is vocals and we'll have all the legacy instruments done, So it should be finished and uploaded fairly soon. In the meantime, I've started 1 out of 2 projects I want to do, both with 12 songs left to do each.
  10. You'll get that with at least 13 other songs, don't worry.
  11. We've lost yet another amazingly talented musician, I can't believe Chris Cornell is no longer with us.
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